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YASSS this amazing new Instagram algorithm allows me to get 60% less likes than normal, it’s the bargain of a life time 😱 thanks ❤️🙏 - - - - - - - 👆clearly lying about that 😒 Follow for more marvel content! -studios . . #civilwar #PS4 #NYC #marvelcomics #blackpanther #TobeyMaguire #tonystark #Mcu #batman #Avengers #wintersoldier #sebastianstan #xmen #comics #AvengersInfinityWar #Marvel #RobertDowneyJr #antman #avengers #blackwidow #captainamerica #thor #spiderman

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Confira o super lançamento da @uselivecomics para o mês de dezembro, eu já comprei a minha, garanta a sua. Seguidores do nerdistraido digitando nerdistraido no cupom do site, tem um desconto bacana😊 ------------------------------------------------------------- Sigam nossos parceiros 👉@paulhotoys 👉@cyber.mulek 👉@indicadoresdefilme 👉@brummelgamergirl 👉@prison_breakbrazil 👉@giro_pop 👉@gilgeek 👉@_casadonerd_ 👉@pontoseries 👉@popfelt 👉@deolhonasseries 👉@uselivecomics 👉@canecas_incriveis 👉@monoloco_store ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- #cinema #avengers #infinitywar #thanos #ironman #avergers3 #avengers #infinitywar #thanos #ironman #avergers3

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he deserved better tbh my coloring | repost

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The Boss Baby (2017) dir. Tom McGrath - Considering my expectations were unbelievably low, this was a lot better than I thought it would be! The imagination sequences were super creative which I enjoyed. I also like the idea of the whole story really just being a way for the older kid to make sense of how he’s feeling in the wake of a baby brother. The humor in this was not very clever lol but the storyboarding was done well - lots of fun visuals! I suppose I can see why the Globes gave it a nom, though I am a little surprised they didn’t opt for Lego Batman instead. Anyways cute movie

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Spider-man 2 de Sam Raimi en 2004. Un second volet plus riche pour notre homme araignée avec des scènes d'action et des effets spéciaux de meilleures qualités ainsi qu’une musique toujours aussi parfaite grâce à Danny Elfman. La nouveauté c'est l'humour qui est plutôt simple mais efficace. Quant au casting? Il reste à la hauteur. Tobey Maguire demeure tout aussi parfait dans son rôle. James Franco monte en puissance avec un Harry Osborn obsédé par la mort de son père et sa haine envers Spider-Man. J.K. Simmons est toujours aussi hilarant et Rosemary Harris plus attachante que jamais dans son rôle de Tante May. Coup de cœur pour Alfred Molina que j'apprécie énormément dans son rôle de Docteur Octopus et qui incarne parfaitement le scientifique et le super-vilain. Le seul bémol reste pour moi Kirsten Dunst dont le personnage reste agaçant. Enfin le scénario est plus approfondi avec un Spider-Man plus humain et poussé à bouts par ses dilemmes entre ses devoirs de justicier et l'amour caché pour MJ. Sa double identité est bien difficile à assumer. Tandis qu'il songe à abandonner d'être un super-héro, le Docteur Octopus voit le jour. Un méchant en proie à des pulsions et des démons intérieurs, plus complexe que le Bouffon Vert. Un film de Super-Héro captivant. 🕷 #🎬 #🎥 #🕷 #marvel #bd #comics #marvelstudios #marvelcomics #spiderman #hommearaign ée #spiderman2 #peterparker #stanlee #samraimi #tobeymaguire #dannyelfman #cin éma #cin éphile #cin é #critiquedefilm #mcu

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This week on Talk Movie To Me we discuss Guillermo del Toro’s latest; The Shape of Water. Edison got a double dose of del Toro this week and took in the ‘At Home with Monsters’ exhibit at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Helen and Ms. Sinclair both watched the dark comedy Ingrid Goes West and lastly we ask, “where did it go wrong” for Tobey Maguire!

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I think Kraven would be a great choice for the next villain in a Spider-Man movie.

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DAY 11: PLEASANTVILLE Well, this movie was just a downright surprise and still so timely that the movie has aged incredibly well. From the director of Seabiscuit and The Hunger Games, Gary Ross has made an impressionable first entry in his director filmography. On the surface, it almost feels like Jumanji meets The Truman Show but beneath the surface is a much more thematically resonating and charming tale. Colour plays an important role here and to my genuine surprise, this movie had the most visual effect shots ever before Star Wars Episode I came out a year later. I don't think I've had such an emotional response to colour before. There is a moment where Joan Allen's character doesn't wanted to be coloured so Tobey Maguire helps her apply makeup to hide herself so she won't be discriminated against. It's just such a powerful moment that is still downright saddening to see. Contrast this with a later moment between Joan Allen and Jeff Daniels where he helps her take it off and it is moments like that, boosted by the acting of both men and Joan Allen. Its themes remain timely in our present social, political and cultural climate and its delightfully more than just a fantasy tale. Tobey Maguire manages to carry this movie incredibly well and he has considerable charm and cuteness here. Much like his later role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man, he manages to make his character of David/Bud believable from the outset. Reese Witherspoon is the same; with her feistiness but eventual heartwarming portrayal, Ross has made two great stars here. William H. Macy is also as good as the mild-mannered husband of George. But overall, I was astounded by Joan Allen and Jeff Bridges' performances. Pleasantville does a lot more than what its expected of it. Sure, it has its plot holes (especially at the end) but its a charming and extremely well-acted and directed film that resonated a whole lot more with me than I expected to. #pleasantville #tobeymaguire #reesewitherspoon #jeffdaniels #joanallen #williamhmacy #garyross #comedy #drama #romance #fantasy #movies #movie #films #film #cinema #cinephile #moviereview #filmreview #review

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Spideys in the snow!

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Pleasantville (1998) 🇺🇸- Doksanlı yıllarda yaşayan bir abla-kardeş, tuhaf bir uzaktan kumanda sayesinde kendilerini ellilerde geçen bir televizyon dizisinin içinde bulurlar... Sıradışı görüntü tekniğiyle dikkat çeken filmin başrollerinde Tobey Maguire, Reese Witherspoon, William H.Macy, Joan Allen ve Jeff Daniels gibi ünlüler yer alıyor. #cinemaniatr #pleasantville #imdb 7.5 #metascore 71 #rottentomatoes 85% #garyross #tobeymaguire #reesewitherspoon #williamhmacy #joanallen #jeffdaniels #jtwalsh #comedy #drama #fantasy #tvshow #blackandwhite #1950s #usa #remote #film önerisi #filmtavsiyesi #moviesuggestion #moviesuggestions

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Reason why i haven’t been using is because i’m avoiding spoilers for this so ill be back on after i see this friday around 8 pm ill already have seen it ❤️

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See, I don't know if I should have posted screencaps from the #SpiderVerse trailer, or this gem right here..

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