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“Life is an experimental journey undertaken involuntarily. It is a journey of the spirit through the material world and, since it is the spirit that travels, it is the spirit that is experienced. That is why there exist contemplative souls who have lived more intensely, more widely, more tumultuously than others who have lived their lives purely externally.”~Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet || #streetsofaustralia - Broadbeach, Gold Coast 2017 ||

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“Life, he realized, was much like a song. In the beginning there is mystery, in the end there is confirmation, but it's in the middle where all the emotion resides to make the whole thing worthwhile.”~Nicholas Sparks, The Last Song || #streetsofaustralia - Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast 2017 ||

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My feed was getting a little dark and moody lately and I reckon as it's getting colder in the north hemisphere you guys might want to see something warmer. So here it is. After spending a few days north of Cairns in the rainforest, we decided it was about time we start chasing the sun, and so we made our way a little south of Cairns, driving across the stunning #athertontablelands for our waterfall circuit, to finally end up on #missionbeach where we spent a well deserved night in a cabin near the beach. What happened next were two of the most exotic days I got to experience in my life. We took a boat to reach the island you can see in the picture, called #dunkisland . We initially planned to kayak all the way there but the island lying 4 km off the coast and us being laden with our 2-day supplies and camping gear, we thought it might be wiser to take a boat instead. I'll never forget this experience. 🏝

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L’important c’est la chute, pas l’atterrissage

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新北耶誕城 第一發 - 來這裏首先呢 濾光鏡片準備好😊😊 雖然是晚上 但那些閃光比投影光還要閃😂😂😂 這要我怎麼拍的下去😂😂😂 單身狗只能拍景 ㄚㄚㄚ😢😢😢 我也想拍人帶景😭😭 - 今日剛點燈 -----------------新北耶誕城 大朋友小朋友都去走一下 那邊很漂亮❤ 祝情侶們越來越甜蜜 唉😢😢😢 - #vscotaiwan #exploretaiwan #iseetaiwan #instataiwan #eventtaiwan #bravotaiwan #taiwan1 #viewtaiwan #amazingtaiwan #bpintaiwan #taiwandream #traveldeeper #travelyam #travel #taipeitravel #way2ill #thisisqueensland #depthsofearth #earth_shotz #wonderful_places #tourtheplanet #everybodystreet #life_is_street #vsa_streetview #moodygrams #createexplore #theimaged #lensbible #agameoftones #streetoftones

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one of my favourite travel moments ✨ DW discount code 👉🏻 JENNYSWORLDTOUR

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Inspired by @queensland . A selfie with the crew from @gday_adventure_tours has always been on Freddy's bucket list, so when the opportunity came up, Freddy was ready for his close-up. 😘📷 You'll find this little wallaby (and plenty of his mates) on Bribie Island, about 90 minutes north of @visitbrisbane. While you can reach the island by driving over a bridge, most of it is actually national park with 4WD access only – @gday_adventure_tours will help you explore the beaches, lagoon and old WWII bunkers there. #thisisqueensland #brisbaneanyday

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