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look at the curl dangling onto his face oh m y god MY HEART

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I love this sassy/sexy side of tom 💗 {sorry if the transitions are lame, i tried to match them to the beat😅}

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imagine: tom and you had recently given birth to two beautiful twins. two baby boys. the nursery was painted a light baby yellow and there was two cribs next to each other. the two boys names, lucas and jj, were on the walls of the room. a diaper changing table and a dressers were pushed against the walls with a rocking chair was in the space between the two cribs. the sun beamed through the curtains in yours and tom’s room. your eyes fluttering open you glanced over at tom’s sleeping body. you slipped from his arm and out of bed. he groaned a little from you leaving but let you leave. the one month old twins laid asleep in their different cribs. walking into the nursery, you awed at their sleeping figures. you never got tired of seeing them. tom has followed you into the nursery. his tired body had trailed behind you. as you peered over the edges of the cribs, tom’s arms snaked around your waist, pulling you close to him. he placed a kiss on the side of your head. “morning darling. checking on the boys?” he asked softly. “yep.” you smiled leaning over into lucas’s crib and picking him up gently. a small yawn came from the young babies mouth as you cradled him in your arms. tom had gotten jj out of his crib and was holding him in his arms. the twins were identical so you dressed them differently just in case one of you mixed them up, like tom had already done once or twice. “hey baby boy.” you said softly to lucas kissing his head gently. jj was awake in tom’s arms holding onto tom’s finger and trying to figure out why there was metal around Tom’s finger which was his wedding band. lucas had woken up and clasped his tiny hand around your necklace. “they are going to be heartbreakers.” tom laughed softly. “no they won’t. you were raised right. so they will be raised right.” you rolled your eyes. you stood next to tom and hummed to the twins. “my three favorite boys.” You said softly smiling at tom and the twins. #tomholland2013 #harrisonosterfield #edit #videoedits #spiderman #spidermanhomecoming #spider #friends #tom #holland #hollanders #quackson #imagine #harryholland #samholland #tomholland

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