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Hey everyone.. TOO IMPORTANT! i won't talk too much. I love kristen so much and what happened is really disappointed!! Today someone hucked my phone from some hours ago and he took some private pics of me and I'm scared he'll post them or not. And it's seems like he'll post them on social media. I really feel so bad and so scared but what we expect from this shitty world! Everyone does have privacy and thier private life, whoever done this is asshole. You did that cause you feel jealous from her and her works!! she won't stop success and smiling! I'll respect this women for the rest of my life and I'll love/support her till i die! Kristen really good and talent person and she deserves the world!! I feel really bad cause what happened to me and Kristen!! I know how Kristen feels now. I feel kinda the same! I wanna kill myself for real!! i feel depression and idk what to do anymore! I wish people will grow up and everyone will try to be a good person. I am in a state of severe depression cause what happened to me and whay they took. And i won't be longer on Instagram for some days. Take care everyone. " please if you saw any pics of kristen. Report/Don't share or talk about them! " Thanks for everyone.

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