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(If you read the following words and think "how can you upload this on the internet" let me tell you: It's MY fucking account and I post WHATEVER the fuck I want. Silence is cutting deep and won't break the circle. So you rather scroll forward!!!!!) And the battle goes on. I started again to work out on a regular base 1.5 years ago (offs and ons in between). I did it for the wrong reasons. I thought if I just loose a few kilos I would be more worthy to be loved. I thought I could become a member in one of those exclusively so called girl squads and have access to all those female things they do. I thought people would treat me in a better way if I just claim less space. I thought if I work out like crazy I must not feel guilty for eating. I thought if I have muscles it won't be visible that I sometimes just stop eating for days and weeks. I thought if my muscles work out my head can have a break meanwhile. After all this time I had to realize that all those "hopes" didn't turn into reality. Once again. But I learned that I'm allowed to treat my body in a healthier way, mentally and physically. I'm still struggling quite often but I'm fighting. My body is getting stronger every week and I try to let go all the damage I did to myself (poisoning people inclusive). And I'm sure my mind will follow. My inner appearance is so much more beautiful than my outside has ever been and ever will be. If I can see myself like that I'm not addicted to other people's opinion anymore. A big thank you to my loyal ones for never letting me go. You know who you are. I love you from the bottom of my heart 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 If you read this and we share those struggles feel free to connect. Never forget you deserve all good things in life just as everyone else. Go for it! Fight for it! Don't be afraid of relapse or speaking out your pain. You never know who is listening carefully. Thanks for reading. #eliminatebodyhate #thestruggleisreal #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalystrong #bodypositive #bodypower #positivestateofmind #longwaydown

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Remember that moving your body doesn’t mean working out. Moving your body means moving your body 😜. Unloading your groceries, walking your dog or running around the beach with your kids 🙌🏼. Instead of berating yourself for not working out, give yourself credit for moving your body throughout the day 😉. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! #bodypositive #loveyourself #moveyourbody #weekendvibes #momlife #goodvibesonly #oceanbeach #lifewithtwokids #sandiego #sdmom #theharmonytribe

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Be your own motivation! Use your past experiences to drive you to work harder, lift more & be better. Learn from past mistakes - acknowledge them & move forward. ❤️ . @icnqld @townsville_tropix_icn @icn_victoria @instagrambodybuilding . . . . . . #mondaymotivation #monday #mondaymorning #goodmorning #goodvibes #bodybuilding #bodypositive #goals #pro #athlete #bepositive #motivation #inspiration #women #strong #gym #gymmotivation #picoftheday #fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation

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Fresh hair. My mum hates it and called it severe and a ‘bad boys’ haircut - it’s not a good look’ lol I like it. I had my hair like this for pm the whole time I was at Ashburn she just hasn’t seen it before and it’s in its natural colour. I feel good that I can hear her opinion and not feel like it’s a personal attack, take it, and say “oh well, I like it” Is that what self esteem is?? I do wonder if I will ever have it with my body. I stepped on the scales this morning as per my plan. The number isn’t screwing with my head too much but I can hear that niggling itch in me to make it go down by next week. Why though? Do I really still believe that after 10 years of trying to measure my confidence with a set of scales that it’s going to work?! Not really but yes at the same time. How does one break away from that? I weigh myself mainly for reassurance that I can eat and not gain 10kg in a week. If I don’t weigh myself I get obsessive and scared about what my number is, terrified that it’s climbing through the ceiling, which results in secretive behaviour and ritualistic weighing. It’s a compromise with myself to weigh in alongside mum once a week. But where does this ongoing discomfort in my body come from and how to I move past it? #edrecovery #eatingdisorderrecovery #anorexiarecovery #edwarrior #edfighter #anarecovery #tomboy #newhair #freshhaircut #selflove #selfesteem #findingmyself #selfdiscovery #bodydysmorphia #bodydysphoria #bodypositivity #bodypositive #help

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L'élégance c'est du raffinement alors c'est pourquoi chaque détails compte dans ce style 😉

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