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Wondering what to do with all those squash blossoms you keep seeing in the market (or your garden)? Here's an idea- make these really simple egg wraps- which are exactly like a crepe, but it's just an egg, so it's a paper thin omelette that's surprisingly durable. They can be made ahead of time and stacked up on a plate. Fill them and warm them in a pan or in the oven when ready to serve. A great addition to a brunch or lunch table I think. I filled mine with Humboldt Fog and chervil but you can use whatever you want. Swipe for the recipe. The lacy edges happen as you swirl the pan in the first few seconds.

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I'm really starting to miss our homegrown tomatoes. Don't get me wrong, the haggis is great here in Scotland but this place could really use a few more vegetables. Tomorrow we're headed to Ireland so perhaps they'll grow a bit more. Does anyone know of any small farms to visit in Ireland? 🇮🇪 P.S. I really hope you don't mind all of the travel photos in my stories. They'll switch back to gardening soon, I promise!

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Yes, I'll play with this checkerboard of late-summer jewels. 😍 I refuse to say the f word until pumpkin spice lattes appear at Starbucks.

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Smoked ribeye salads with sweet CSA grilled corn & grilled onions topping my @yourtaylorfarms Southwest chopped salad kit. Took only minutes of active time and I let my prepped salad greens + my smoker handle the rest 🌱🌽⚡️More details on #TaylorFarms up on the blog, link in profile :) #Spon

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