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1 hour ago

A hungry bear came through my camp tonight. Freaked me out a bunch. Not that he wanted to eat me (not really scared about that) but that he could smell the dog food in my car.... He nearly took the door off. So. I booked a room in Hammondsport. Love this tiny town so much.... My motel has the diviest dive bar EVER! I am in heaven..... What is a good song to play on the Jukebox that makes people happy?

9 hours ago

On a walk with Stella. I just noticed that the sidewalk is full of images of the eclipse! Neat! I did not buy glasses or plan on checking out the elipse today (NY is not in the totality).... but this was a fun surprise!

1 day ago

All settled into my campsite for the week! Shot some lovely nudes on the dock to share on Patreon tonight! I should have them uploaded in a bit. BUYING THE THE RV TOMORROW!!! I drove it for a few hours today and ran the generator and fridge and air-con. Tomorrow I have a mechanic coming to look at it, just to be 100% sure that everything is in good working condition. If it passes inspection, I am purchasing it tomorrow evening....I feel 100% confident that this IS the RV that I was supposed to purchase so I am not too worried about it. The RV will need two or three weeks of renovations, but it is going to be a beautiful roadtripping home. Hoping to be on the road by late September.... Cannot wait to share the renovations with you guys!! #sittingonthedock #nudeinnature #beauty #

1 day ago

#truth Get on with your messy self!!

2 days ago

You know. @corwinprescott and I were chatting about how long we have been in this business. Almost 14 years now for both of us (isn't that INSANE!?) - Most of the models/photographers that we started with are gone now. People that we once looked up to disappeared or moved on with their lives. Sadly, I can barely recall most of their names because it feels like a lifetime ago. I keep hoping that I can continue to stay relevant long enough to solidify my dreams. I hope that you keep tuning in. I cannot believe that I turn 34 this year. Life is just flying by.

2 days ago

For the last four months, I have been test driving and researching Class B/Class C RVs. I really want to go on the road this winter and head south. Class Bs felt too small for Stella and I. And many of the Class C RVs were too BIG!!... After a few months of research, I think that I found one that I love.....2001 Coachman Catalina! 40,000 miles. 22 feet. Queen bed and room for six (if needed). Housed every winter. No rust. Roof resealed two years ago. New tires. Automatic. V10. $12,000. Owner is selling it to renovate his home.... I think that I am purchasing it tomorrow. What do you guys think?

2 days ago

Shooting Patreon in a cabin this week with my new Canon 6D camera! The camera shoots video! I am so excited to try some new things for my website. How long does a canon battery hold a charge? This cabin does not have electricty.

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