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1 day ago

“ Captain is still, catch a wave, roll us Take a shot, make a friend, just enjoy the moment I'm Luke Skywalkin' on these haters Celebrate every day like a birthday Good things come to those that wait up But don't wait to jump in too long Don't sleep, you gotta stay up Don't, don't sleep, you gotta stay up Yeah, yeah, yeah I'm outstandin' so I stand out (stand out) I'm more bathed than a bathhouse Top Gun, on my Tom Cruise I play for keeps and I don't lose You're gonna love it 'cause you're cool as a breeze (cool as a breeze) So pick a poison, yeah I got what you need (got what you need) Nonchalant, got the green on rotation All night, we gon' keep it psychedelic like a...” 👈🏾Miguel 📸@blogxilla 📸 @xillavalentine

1 week ago

“I left my girl back home I don't love her no more And she'll never fucking know that These fucking eyes that I'm staring at Let me see that ass Look at all this cash And I emptied out my cards, too Now I'm fucking leaning on that Bring your love, baby, I could bring my shame Bring the drugs, baby, I could bring my pain I got my heart right here I got my scars right here.” 👈🏾The Weekend. #Europeanmoodswings

1 week ago

“Your fascination with naked walls of silk and skin with no conditions. I needed you to notice. Thats all I wanted. 👈🏾Shiny Toy Guns “I promise to turn everything you’ve ever felt into love, Kapri.” -Kapri in Europe. Just keep giving and giving. It comes from source anyways. It’s abundant. So, take as you please, i’m giving handouts. Just remember where your power comes from, love. 📸@krenn_imre To 🇭🇺, I love you. Thank you for this opportunity that changed my life 🙏🏾

1 week ago

“I just want you close, where you can stay forever.”👈🏾Alicia Keys @pierre_adnin

1 week ago

“Why you over there lookin at me, While my girl standin’ here?” 👈🏾Ma$e @pierre_adnin

1 week ago

“Pretty Brown Eyes, you know I see you.” 👈🏾 Mint Condition 📸@pierre_adnin

1 week ago

“Your love aint just the hot sauce, its the whole enchilada.... but you bring the potato chips, and i’ll bring the hot sauce. “👈🏾 Outkast. @vwoll2001. New York’s Mexican food doesn’t have ish on California’s Mexican food. They shouldn’t even be able to call it Mexican food. It really wasn’t that good, i’m just smiling like this becaue I was lookng at Auntie Valerie across the table from me... who knew i was homesick and flew all the way from CA just to eat Mexican with me. Feels good to smile for real and know you’re loved. #homesickbluesofficiallygone

2 weeks ago

“You can be my sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare, either way I, don’t wanna wake up from you.” 👈🏾 Beyoncé #mood 👉🏾 “Party at the beach down in Copacabana Sipping Killepitsch, got my black yoga pants on Me and Brittany, we’ve been down in Atlanta Sweating in the club, call me Dirty Diana Flexing like a yogi, drop it down with your hands up Do a handstand, bend it back, put your legs up I ain’t got no worries, I’m my own private dancer My own private dancer.” 👈🏾Janelle Monae 💃🏻👯‍♂️ Oh just me and Bae. @tenillejoy_ @c.fehu

3 weeks ago

“I love it when they try to get intimate Even though they know I really ain't into it (You're not into it?) I'm not into it I already know the game and I've been through it See I buy my own bags, my boots, my jeans Wear LaRok with my Rebel Yell underneath You wanna step to me? Said you got a long way 2 go.” 👈🏾 Cassie. Me and Bae @tenillejoy_ @c.fehu

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