4 hours ago

Could barely cross a street without someone plopping down to build a snowman. ⛄️ Shared all our snowy photos on my blog last night if you'd like to see the rest! Link in profile. #nyc #snow #ontheblog

10 hours ago

The preserved lemon pumpkin recipe is on the blog now, a lil later than expected because I've spent my afternoon aggressively failing at Photoshop. FYI: dithering is not just something I do at the supermarket when faced with any sort of simple choice. Don't ask me about the Photoshop version though.

1 hour ago

starting it off right

12 hours ago

Hey guys in the quickest way possible I am going go try and answer questions that I am asked frequently. 1. What do I weigh ? Not answering because the number on the scales doesn't mean everything. I know what I weigh but don't own a set of scales. They do your head in and make you obsess over a number that isn't all that important. What's important is that you eat good foods, exercise and live a healthy life. If you do all of this your body will find its balance. 2. How do I juggle everything ? I ask for help. Don't be afraid to do so. You're not superhuman. 3. What do the trio eat ? This is going to be a bit long so I might do insta story tomrorow about this. Sorry 🤣 4. Where is Mark when I'm having bad days with the kids ? At work mon-fri leaves at 530am and home around 3pm-4pm. 5. How do I keep ontop of the house work? I don't and that's ok. 6. How do you become pregnant with triplets ? You DON'T... 🤣. No but seriously a triplet pregnancy is very high risk. We are lucky ours are healthy. A lot are born premature and don't survive or end up with complex medical conditions. So please don't go to your doctor asking to get pregnant with triplets. They won't do it. I am going to talk a bit more about this another day. I feel I need to share more about the hard side of having triplets. Don't get me wrong I wouldn't change anything for the world but it has been been the hardest and scariest time of my life since the second I found out I was pregnant with triplets. 7. Why is Brodie thin? He is a small kid. Do not compare your child. He eats more than the other two now and is going to be a naturally tall and slim build. Chubby doesn't always mean healthy. 8. What time do the kids go to bed ? 630pm and wake at 530am. No putting them to bed later doesn't change morning waking. We go to bed at 830pm-9pm so it works well that we get break. 9. How do I discipline? I use 1 2 3 method and naughty corner if that doesn't work. I am actually pretty strict with their behaviour. Kids need rules and I have many 🙄. 10. How do you teach them to talk ? Repeat repeat repeat. I naturally am a very expressive and talkative person so this isn't hard for me 😆🤣

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