16 hours ago

Thank you for all the tips about the gyms, we tried Mcfit today and I think we will be here the rest of the week 🙌🏼😃

4 hours ago

I have a whole buffet to choose different kind of foods to breakfast but I can't help myself loving this so much 🙄Protein yogurt with fruits and hazelnut cream

1 day ago

First day done and we was suppose to rest and be free these days before Arnold Classic but we haven't done anything else than working 😂 I'm lucky that I have the best job in the world so it feels great anyway 😍🌴

23 hours ago

Late lunch but sooo worth it! 🤤

3 days ago

When you unexpectedly get a hug while you're taking selfies 🙈✨

2 days ago

Well needed after today's traveling ✨

2 days ago

Breakfast a la Denice ✨

2 days ago

Snack before flight 😌Crisp bread with cottage cheese, raspberries and coconut flakes 🌴

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