Monica Rahman

@topxrahmanart | sexuality | body positivity | mental health💌 [email protected] 👻 moniboni33

2 days ago

I've wanted to do an underwater photoshoot since I started modeling. I am so excited to share the photos with you of a shoot I did yesterday with @modelshotsbymarkrogers who specializes in underwater shoots. I spent 7 hours commuting and 6 hours in the pool but the photos make it worth it. It took a lot of practice to look graceful underwater - your cheeks automatically puff up so you have to suck them in while not scrunching up your face when you're blowing bubbles out your nose. I also did a series of back flops into the pool which hurt and I got a lot of water up my nose. But I do it for ART

4 days ago

i'll close my eyes then i won't see the love you don't feel when you're holding me photo: @newyorkfilmacademy

6 days ago

my friends are so hot 🙏🏼

6 days ago

i just want some henny and some hoes

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