✨🍮Tiramisú the Kitten🍮✨

@tiramisu.meowI'm ✋️✋️months old, I'm a ♎️, & I 💗 my dads 👨‍👨‍👧

1 day ago

Happy (derpy) Friday! ✨ We are so excited to be close to the 10k follows! Keep an eye out for a special Misu giveaway when we get there 👀💕

2 days ago

#TBT This was Misu's first week with the Dads and she was so small she used to sit on Dad's shoulders! #VolumeUp for some mews, purss and kisses ✨💕

3 days ago

Cheese alert! 🚨🚨🚨

5 days ago

Thanks for the bath, Dads! 💦😼(We can now call it even after I woke you both up several times last night 😻✨)

1 week ago

#TBT bb Misu sleepy time 💞😻

1 week ago

Monday, we meet again. 😼

2 weeks ago

#TBT when Misu was smol 🙈💖✨

2 weeks ago

I do this to Dad every morning before he goes to work to get some belly rubs in 😈✨🙈

2 weeks ago

Hear me roar, Monday‼️👹

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