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Despite different time zones we live in, before I go to sleep let me share another memory ⚘October have special babies❤ Just 3 days before my own son birthday as you followed my previous post & I remember vividly today last year with the beautiful @batuli.mohammed in the beautiful spicy island of #zanzibar . It was her 21st birthday🎈🎉I met Batuli producing my TV show with a focus of empowering young women by using beauty & fashion (platform that opened international doors & opportunities to me). Batuli calls me dada/ sister yet she could pass to my daughter as I share age group with her mother😊 She was a high school girl with many dreams..and she won my show in one region which mean she spent much more time with me to help her future. She was well disciplined & respected me & my input to her life. I hardly share my personal contacts but I did share with Batuli. She reached out to me as to important decisions in her life & I tried to be there for her...not only that I shared some stuff with her from my closet😊but also shared life with her...when she asked me while still filming my show if she should go to the army/JKT/ Yes I said yes..girl, shave that hair and join the military for those required months...it will give you different perspective about life, time to figure you out & yes it will toughen you ( I did it..maybe for just 2 weeks after completing high school Jangwani...don't judge me lol). Anyway....she shaved her hair & looked great...we all loved her natural mane as well as other looks....I was there during that time & when she approached me again on going to college, I supported her 100%...and helped her booking a few model jobs. Batuli also reached out to me before entering her current journey on peagent..of which I told her to pray, talk to her mother then make her choice...& now she is in Vietnamn (her first time ever in a plane was with me going to Zanzibar and here she is flying her wings globally)....go Batuli...spread your wings....I am a writer, so I can write pages😊Wishing you Batuli the best life has to offer. Happiest birthday to you🎉🎁and encouraging all young women to STRIVE❤ #cheers #plantSeeds

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