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2 hours ago

💥 When you have a birthday to go to, and only 30 minutes to workout. It would take me 15 mins back and forth to the gym so only 15 mins workout time.. . . @angoswede angoswede says forget it!!! Time to roll up my sleeves and have some fun with that couch.. my new found love.🤗🤗 Just one week in and the couch already starting to feel light so I was able to go deeper on my squats and lower on my leg press. . Today we also added resistance bands for extra booty burn 🔥🔥 now I go get ready 😎 . Happy Thursday 💪🏾 . #angoswedeworkout #couchlady #angoswedecouchworkout #weighlift #gainz #glutes #liftlikeagirl

3 hours ago


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