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1 minute ago

Making excuses for why you don't want to work out or justifying not having enough time is EASY. But nothing amazing comes from going the easy route. Today, I only had 25 minutes to squeeze in my shoulder and back weight training. I could've made a reasonable excuse to not do it because I didn't have much time. But any movement, cardio or weights, is always worth the effort! #fittip #justdoit #worthit

2 minutes ago

i hate that you're petty and act like you don't care. i hate it more that your feelings are never shared. i hate when you tell me you're in love with me so. and i hate when you leave and don't tell me you go. i hate your dumb exes there always in the way. i hate it even more when i ask if you love them and you can't say. i hate our relationship and how it always fucks me up. but i hate it most that with us, it's always tough. and if you are to ask how i feel about you. i wouldn't hesitate when i say i'm in love with you, too. -unknown

10 minutes ago

Why yes, I did wait through a line of children to pose with this lion statue. #worthit 🦁🤙🏻

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