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Excited to hit my next health goal.... Spartan Race. Why ? Because doing a challenge with friends is always more fun 💪🏼

4 minutes ago

Tip of the day: Nothing gives away your fear more than not looking at the person/people you are speaking to. Even if you are nervous at first, it is best to make as much eye contact with the audience as you can. Whether you are speaking to 2 people are 2,000 people, look at the audience and try and make eye contact with them. Not only does this make you seem more confident, but you begin to realize that they are just people like you and there is nothing to be afraid of.

6 minutes ago

You get what you hustle for.. ✨

8 minutes ago

Luxx Tip #1 💋 Stand out! Stand out! STAND OUT! 👠👠✨ #luxxtips

10 minutes ago

The hustle should never stop, Queen 👑

10 minutes ago

This throwback + a reminder to *always* celebrate your wins... - Because when you do, you make it more likely that you'll repeat the behavior + patterns that got you winning in the first place 🔑 - One big win I'm celebrating is getting selected to speak at the *Home for Your Soul* conference in Orlando later this year 🙌🏽 - What's one win you're celebrating? ✨👑🎉

11 minutes ago

Working 24/7 is SOOO last season of entrepreneurship. Where you are messaging people on Facebook or other social media platforms non-stop to try and get a sale for your course. Where you are posting on different Facebook groups all the time.You are scheduling your social media thinking it will help. Okay, so then what does work?An evergreen, automated system is what works! Don't get caught up in overwhelm. Instead, focus on an automated system that brings your clients in, nurture them without being a sleazy salesperson. An automated process to sell MORE, and work LESS! If your are interested in how I can help you work less but reach more clients, Go sign up for my course: 30 Days To Your First Funnel where you can strategize a system that works for your ideal client to be booking calls with you ALL THE TIME!! Photo Credit: @tales_of_jules

12 minutes ago

What's weighing you down today? How can we lift you up?

15 minutes ago

Art is the ability to create beauty out of chaos, is how I've always thought of the concept of art. It is taking the elements you have to create something more beautiful, more thought-provoking than the sum of the parts used to bring the vision to life. As a maker, I try to bring something more beautiful out of the materials I use than what I currently see. Some days, with fancy gemstones and lovely handcrafted lampwork glass beads, there is little more to do than frame the beauty that is already there. But other days, I crave more of a challenge and one of the things I often do is use whatever beads I have left out of my desk to make a design. Using only what is already in front of me. I can easily attest to making some strangely beautiful and unique things this way, but as often as not, I'm left with something so unexpectedly charming that I never would have thought to make that I am for a moment, surprised at the ideas I never realized were possible. While I love to travel and seek my adventure in the great wide somewheres of the world, all too often the adventure I seek is waiting in my mind, only just out of reach. The challenge I give to you, as I give to myself, is to reach just beyond what you see and you may find what you seek. #consciousness #evolution #inspiration #seek #findingmyself #innerpeace #innerbeauty #findbeauty #beauty #fashion #peace #solitude #makersmovement #shopsmall #smallbiz #womeninbiz #empowerment #empoweringwomen #inspireothers #igfashion #style #earrings #bohemian #gypsy #otherworldly #findlove #loveislove #accessories #acceptance #openyoureyes

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Do you build networks or friendships? . .- Your vibe attracts your tribe: The Internet has made it possible for me to connect with wonderful people who I consider part of my tribe. I first met Zach Benson on Facebook and I seen the incredible things he has done, travelling around and went on TEDX to share his story. We finally met when we share the same stage as @GaryVee, then we got to hang out during our time in Hong Kong - where we celebrated and ate a delicious Don Perignon champagne breakfast at Carlton Ritz. . I have been travelling around the world and I have been fortunate to tap into entrepreneurial networks likes @startup Grind, the community has quickly connected with other badass, thanks to @chrisjjoanou, @jfryeofficial and @yourchinaguy. We geeked out about personal branding and how we are building our communities. . . ,- They is a major difference between friendships, networks, even community is distinct. . Friendships is more of a relationship with a person, one where I can chill out with on their lounge room and be super real. Typically it's a person I can witness their life journey and celebrations. . A network is like what I have on Facebook. It's a group or system of interconnected people. I have a person described his network like this: it's 20% DJs, 20% marketing, 20% school and childhood friends. 20% horse riders, 20% travellers. Because of my epic network, I can easily call for help when I travel to different cities, I am thankful that i have a diverse network that believes what I do. . Community is another level up, it's a network of people who have similar value systems. This is the one I continually cultivable as I believe in two things: to connect, and to create. I connect awesome people with awesomeness and let the magic happen. The fried chicken parties is an example of what I do to cultivate my community. . Out of the three? Which one do you cultivate the most and why? . : Love from Hong Kong, String

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