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I so super duper am☺️✌🏽💜

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I love his! Which is why I pray every day that the Lord gives me the wisdom to raise my beautiful boys in his path! The Lord will take care of the rest. A man that fears the Lord and truly honestly respects him, will also respect you as his woman! Lord please guide me and lead me so that I can lead my boys to become faithful men of yours! So that tomorrow they can be amazing husbands that are able to lead their wife's. #praise #the #Lord #loveyourself #men #Godworshipers #christian #lifestyle #thetruth #the #way #whatreallymatters #relationship #MakeGodthecenter #leadmelord #lead

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Photo by @travisteatephotographer Every time I look at my husband I see the perfect man! I was so far from my real life this past years, so far from who I really am, so far from what I love and my "home" Thanks to my my dad (step dad but I call him dad) I discover the passion of sailing, I was probably 5/6 years old when I first stared sailing and I just fall in love with it! I have the best memories of sailing cats with my cousins in our little school in the island of Noirmoutier in France. I spent there all of my summers, and it was always the same, sailing classes mornings and afternoons until I was 17 and I decided to do an intern stage In the school to become sailing instructor but then MODELING came along......... I started traveling and got distanced from the boats and every time that I was next to the ocean something was wrong because I was close from it but so far at the same time. Then life hit me....... and took me even further, to a person that I wasn't at all, modeling, superficial world, and so many other details....... but at the end of the day I have my little girl now and somehow the universe took me back to where I belong. I don't believe in god but I do believe in something powerful, our energy...... I wanted so bad to get my real life again..... here I am having for some people a simple life but this is the life that I love, my baby love and an incredible man next to me, that respects me and loves me and no matter how many rocks the universe puts in front of us, because we are together as a family they are easy to climb! For me happiness is my family's love living next to the ocean and having fun in our boat...... #sailors #sailing #sailingfamily #whatreallymatters #love #familly #goals #life #ambition #happiness

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