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7 hours ago

bea on ig: "got to sing with this amazing babe and meet all these lovely people last night. thank you so much paty, it was such an honor to be part of your dvd" (july 27th 2017) #beamiller #beamillerudpates

9 hours ago

27.07.17 — 7:41pm if there's a storm going on in your mind right now, please know that the sun will eventually come out. so enjoy the rain while it's there, make sure you cry if you need it, and then let yourself enjoy your life. —ux. you deserve to be happy.

1 day ago

also today marks 2 years since this beautiful little lionheart passed away :( the reason I'm posting this is in remembrance of him and his adorableness and just to show that he was truly loved by demi (look how she's holding him in this picture and look how happy they both are 😢) and truly loved by us. i hope batman and ella are doing a good job of keeping demi company today, and i hope they remember their big brother Buddy on this day. we love you demi, and we love and miss you Buddy. rip angel ❤️❤️❤️