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Sometimes, I can't decide if his laughs are hilarious or terrifying. Here, kind of hilarious, but in the dark in the middle of the night? #toddler #mischievous #laugh

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Brotherly love between these two is strong! 💪🏻Other than a little bit of jealousy when Obi was first born, Bossy has loved him so much since day 1! He is forever saying things like "me love Obi", "you gorgeous Obi", "you my best fwiend" 🖤Melts my heart seeing them together! Some people have asked me if I wish I had a boy and a girl instead of two boys, or if we will try for a third to get a girl but I can 100% honestly say I am sooo happy I have two boys 💙💙

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Mom and son. Son is spotting planes and sailboats for his mother. Nice day for a baptism party in the island. #toronto #rcyc #toddler

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