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every picture of Thy is more more beautiful than the last one 💔⚡️ #thylaneblondeau

10 hours ago

The question in life is: Is there love at first sight? Here is my opinion: I have always thought no, it doesn't exist. You can really like someone physically but if you don't know it you can't fall in love with it. But then I think " Wait a moment. That's what happened when I saw Thylane. I read about her on the Internet and I had a feeling, like an inner voice told me: you have to follow her, she's your age and is all you ever dreamed of, she already is your idol, your role model..." I fell in love with her immediately (not literally because I like boys but, you know) it was like... I don't know how to explain it but I think you have understood me. So yes, love at first sight exists, sure it exists. ❤️🌟❤️ • @thylaneblondeau @thylaneblondeau @thylane @thylane @veronikaloubry @veronikaloubry #thylaneblondeau #thylaner #thylane #veronikaloubry #follow4follow #followforfollow

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