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43 minutes ago

"fit" couple but in reality it's more like "the couple that will get kicked out of a buffet for eating anything and everything". @michaelfalcoo (yes I'm fine btw thank you for asking and caring in my DMs- you're the best ❤️)

53 minutes ago

Contemplating a deep decision this morning… @Starbucks or @DunkinDonuts? Tell me in the comments and your favorite drink from either‼️ I’ll reply as I drink my coffee ☕️😊

44 minutes ago

Bare with me as I spam you with pictures from this trip for all of eternity 🤗 It's nearly come to an end and I have so many thoughts I wanna share with you guys. A year ago doing something like this wouldn't have even been an option.. I haven't been to the gym for over a month now, or thought about macros/ tracking my food in any way. I was eating intuitively for almost half a year before going on the Europe trip but this has been a completely different experience. I've done so many things that have made me truly smile from ear to ear. For example 👉🏼 eat ice cream every single night we spent in Italy (a must), have bread and butter before every course (also a must), eat more pizza and pasta than my heart desires, devour my grandparents cooking without a thought in my mind 😋 (which put the biggest smile on their faces melting just thinking about it 😭❤️) I have also swam, climbed, walked, & hiked EVERYWHERE. I've been more active (& sore) than I thought was possible. Taking a step back, and allowing myself to experience different cultures through everything they have to offer (food being one of the biggest things) has truly put a lot into respective for me. I would be lying If I said I didn't miss the gym because I do, and let's be real sometimes the food we ate didn't make me feel all that great, but mentally I'm the happiest and healthiest I have ever been 🌞✨ The gym will always be there and I'm more than ready to crush some goals when we get back (I have tons of ideas for YouTube videos where I'll show exactly how I get back into the swing of things with fitness 💪🏼😊). I guess all I'm trying to say that if you're feeling bad for taking some time off of the gym don't! There's so much life to be lived, good food to be eaten, and laughs to be shared with the people you love 🌍❤️ #andits100 %worthit #okrantover #ifyoumadeittotheend #isaluteyou

56 minutes ago

Sometimes coffee and sweets in the morning makes my day so HAPPY🤗😊😊 How often do you drink coffe?🤔 . . . . . #fitness   #fitnessmodel   #fitnessgirl #fitnessbikini   #ifbbbikini   #ifbb   #fitfamuk #bootybuilding   #fitnesslifestyle   #manila   #fitspiration   #gymaddict   #magic   #legday   #fitnessaddict #exercise   #squat   #morning   #fitnesstip   #bootybuilding   #gymselfie   #fitnesslove   #igfitness   #coffee #fitgirl    #fitcouple   #fitnessbody   #squats   #abs