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But really, it's like so so so good for you ✨ Find a groove that fits your mind, body and soul. • I'm currently working towards this everyday. It's hard. Happiness doesn't always show up when we want. So work it like a muscle. Give it attention everyday, and eventually finding it will become easier and easier, until it just fills the air around you and you have found your happy, indefinitely. • What is your happy? • #findyourhappy #namaste #namasteactive

4 minutes ago

Went on a gorgeous run tonight along the trail. 5 mins walking, 15 minutes run-walk (1 min run, 1 min walk) and then ran for almost 15 mins straight (Mya 🐶 needed to stop for the bathroom) with a 5 min cool down! 🏃‍♀️👟

7 minutes ago

•Flex Tuesday• Because who needs it to be Friday to post a flexing pic 💪🏼 I actually haven't posted one in a hot minute... but I was too excited not to post. Guys... I'm 40 pounds away from being able to do a pull up by myself!!!! For me, that's a huge deal....never been able to do a pull-up in my life. 🙈Come competition, I will probs be 20 pounds less than I am now so that will be half that 40 pounds. Hello nutrition... now it's allllll about increasing my strength 🙌🏽💪🏼🥓

7 minutes ago

Nothing like a nice walk around the pond after a crazy day at the office....except 102 degrees at 6:30pm is nuts 🔥💦 Oh Texas, I'm not sure we're friends in the summer!

9 minutes ago

Thank you to @sarah_so_festive for helping me find some soul . In her class on Sunday, Sarah encouraged us to let go of the idea of perfection. There are just certain things in life we can't control. And ✨ "instead of trying to change the journey, accept and celebrate it." ✨ . Queue the hot tears 😭 as this seriously gave me all the feels in class. I secretly brushed this off as wiping away my sweat 🙈I shouldn't be embarrassed though because I was with my SOUL SISTERS! . For anyone at a turning point in their lives, I hope this message helps. Positive vibes always! ______________________________ #BetterForIt #SoulCycle #FindYourSoul #TIUBootyCall #YouCANsweatWithUs #QOTD #SoulCycleLosGatos #YouveGotSoul #SouthBayFitness #SpinClass #ThisIsActiveLiving #IndoorCycling #InMyActivewear #HereToCreate #LGAccountability #FitbitAltaHR #IndoorSpin #IHaveThisThingWithPink #TrainLikeAnAngel #BBGSisters #MoveNourishBelieve #SweatBox #Pinkstagram #CardioWorkout #BoutiqueStudio #BoutiqueFitness #FitnessBlogger #TrainLikeABeast #SummerToneUp #ActiveLifeStyle

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Actual words I whisper to myself when I'm hitting a wall. When I'm going farther than I ever have and even as its happening I cant believe it is possible. The point where everything in the world stops existing but this moment. This second. Just go for one more second, and you will be so dang proud. ••• Its so crazy how the moment we tell ourselves we can do something. The little gremlin in the back of our heads starts crap talking about how we cant. And we listen. Why? Why is that voice more important, correct, or valid than the voice that shouts you can. ••• Have you ever thought about that? You have two random voices in your head why listen to the negative nancy? Just a thought. But remember babe, you got this ✌🏽

12 minutes ago

Wanna know my secret for getting a bikini body and FAST!? --- Have a body and put a bikini on it! 😂 ---- 🙋🏼Girls----don't hate your bodies. Love what the good LORD and your momma gave ya! I can tell ya that the best way to love your body is to take care of it. Nourish it well and get it moving daily. Your confidence will grow the more you respect your body and take care of it! ✅If you feel stuck or can't quite figure out how to get into a routine I would love to be your wing-gal! I would love to be your friend to run along side you and encourage you! 💡Think about it! Only 30min workouts, lots of yummy healthy food, a nutritional delicious shake to boost that energy level, and my tips & tricks to get you through the program! Ive got you covered and will set you up for success!! I've been able to stick to this healthy lifestyle stuff for two years and I want you to be able to say the same thing! My groups are small so I'm only looking for 5 new gals to run with me. Drop a comment below or an emoji if that's your thing or message me so I can get you in my upcoming group! 💋I can't wait to see who my next 5 are!!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 . . . . . #bodyboss #poolfun #encourageothers #encourageothers #notalonefitness #effyourbeautystandards #poolfloaties #nevermissatuesday #yougotthis #hisgraceissufficient #jesusgirl #positivevibes #fitfamily #bodybossmethod #bosseffect #eastcoastgirl #bbgphilly #bbgukgirls #toneitupcommunity #livelifehappy #healthyishappy #momswithcameras #motherhoodunplugged #joyful #motherhoodrising #photographylife #imomsohard #sweatwithkayla #fitnessphotography #youareworthit #lovetheskinyourin

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Leg day fuel😂 when the smell of warm donuts is wafting out of a store, sometimes you just gotta treat yo self! ( also my boyfriend is a happy guy with me coming home with a box of these) life is all about balance, crushed bbg week 2 legs this morning and a maple bacon donut tonight😋😜

26 minutes ago

Hello! I never thought I'd ever get diagnosed with arthritis at the age of 26. 😭 I've been out of commission for the past few weeks due some intense lower back pain. I couldn't do a jump tuck. I couldn't do a burpee. Heck, I couldn't even bend over to pick up my keys (why yewww always leave my hands 😤). Ahhh, the frustrations! BBG had to be on hold at week 7....7?! Ughhhh. I thought my form was wrong and I seriously hurt myself so I got an X-ray. And, that's when I was told. Made sense as I was having aches in my hands, feet, and knees. Now, I'm trying to figure out what helps as I was pretty much told you just have to deal with it. 😑 Any suggestions would be appreciated!!! 🤗 I so far have laid low with the exercising til it felt better. Focused on running and not so intense workouts. I even got a new mattress yesterday! Since my back seems to be improving, I'm trying boxing again today. How bad can it be... if anything I'll just shavasana it up on the floor 😀

26 minutes ago

Today I started week 2 of my program! Woohoo! 🙃 honestly, I didn't wanna workout today. When I got home from work I was having HORRIBLE sugar cravings. I was ALMOST going to let it stop me from working out.. BUTT.. I drank my preworkout, put on my workout clothes, and got to it! And bamb! My cravings went away 💪🏻 .. until tomorrow 😑 I WILL NOT LET THEM DEFEAT ME!! The old me would've grabbed for anything sweet.. chocolate, ice cream, etc... but, it helps when you have none of that JUNK in your house 🤸🏻‍♀️ feeling so much stronger in just 1 week! The workouts get longer by 10 mins each week (Lord, please help me 😂) haha. Loving this program! 1 week down, 2 more to go! 🎉 day 8/21 ✔️

34 minutes ago

S u m m e r 💙🐬🐚☀️🐠💦👙🏖💙 || I love summer. I love my kids. Summer with kids is a whole lot different than when I didn't have kids but summers with kids as hectic as they are? Well...they remind me what life is all about. Watching my girls play makes my heart swell and I feel so humbled that they're mine and all I wannna do is be the very best I can be, for them. Physically, mentally, spiritually and enable them to be strong women that are world changers. I pray for grace, wisdom and even forgiveness for all the stupid mistakes I make. Can beach days do that? Haha, is like to think so. I read once that play is the highest form of research. Love that!! ✌🏼😊Milking each day we have of summer, because beach days are liiiiiiiife!!!! 😚🐬✨🙌🏼💙 . . . #beachmom #beachgirls #activelife #playhard #summer #lovethelifeyoulive #grace #grateful #beach

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I lied in my stories when I said bed was the highlight of my night because this 100% is this 7 #pointsplus pita pizza 😍 Joseph's Pita, tomato sauce, grilled chicken, spinach and goat cheese. Topped with some fresh basil! • #ww #wwlove #wwsisterhood #healthy #bbgmeetsww #wwfood #wwfamily #wwsupport #wwsisterhood #wwfood #wwsmartpoint #wwsp #smartpoints #smartpointsww #wwdivas #wwmafia #bbg #bbggirls #bbgfood #bbg1 #bbgnewbie #weightloss #weightwatchers #bbgcommunity #bbgweek10 #thekaylamovement #wwfollowers #pizza #sweatwithkayla #instafamgetsfit

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