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17 hours ago

you're forever my pride and joy. you deserve the entire world and more. you are so so so so talented and precious and I just love you. you mean everything to me. you have my heart and soul and I love you with everything in me okay? fourth time seeing you and you still take my breathe away. I've always loved and supported you and I always will. stay you love, because you are truly doing amazing things. always keep your head up 💕 @jonahmarais • • • • #shawnmendes #carterreynolds #dylanholland #jacobwhitesides #whydontwemusic #beamiller #whydontwe #mahoganylox #camerondallas #nashgrier #hayesgrier #sammywilkinson #jackjohnson #jackgilinsky #jackandjack #aaroncarpenter #taylorcaniff #matthewespinosa #mattespinosa #danielseavey #kianlawley #jccaylen #jackavery #zachherron #corbynbesson #reeddeming #grantlandis #jonahmarais #wesleytucker

20 hours ago

also today marks 2 years since this beautiful little lionheart passed away :( the reason I'm posting this is in remembrance of him and his adorableness and just to show that he was truly loved by demi (look how she's holding him in this picture and look how happy they both are 😢) and truly loved by us. i hope batman and ella are doing a good job of keeping demi company today, and i hope they remember their big brother Buddy on this day. we love you demi, and we love and miss you Buddy. rip angel ❤️❤️❤️

2 days ago

Another one of my fave glo ups 😍😍 I love these two queens sm

17 hours ago

Hoy fue uno de los mejores días de mi vida, jamás imaginé que algún día conoceria a Bea Miller y conseguiría su autógrafo 😊😎 #beamiller #gdl

3 days ago

قد لمست دلفين يوم كنت صغيره<فاتحه موضوع . . عندكم حيوان اليف؟ #beamiller @beamiller