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5 hours ago

⠀ comment if you're a righty or lefty :) i'm a righty hehe this literally took so long to edit :( in sorry it's going so fast, i couldn't fit all of it in. there's a lot of one finger poking, sorry if you find it annoying. might delete and refilm a better one in the future. there's a weird boat sound when i'm poking the peach colored slime and idk what that was.
⠀ follow my spam/backup: @spammmywhale use #/whalenotice on your posts so we can check them out
⠀ fc: 17.5k
⠀ tags: #slime #satisfying #asmr #relax #slimeasmr #talisatossell #satisfying #literallymustardnotice #stellarrepost #hbsnotice #slimecontainer #slimebox

5 hours ago

via: @raindropslime did you see the solar eclipse? I did not 😭 your 4th emoji is your reaction when you see the eclipse!

5 hours ago

Hoy parecía un 'pescaito ' me he pasado todo el día Metida en el agua, y es que es inevitable , tan solo ver estas aguas cristalinas ..... pues imaginaos 😍 #summer #ibiza #love #relax #calacomte #calaconta ❤️👌🏻

2 hours ago

N A M E ?? 🌙 - I start school tomorrow! I'm actually so excited bc I got a cute new outfit & im gonna slay everyone's life LOL 😂💕 when do/did you start school? 💫 - also, I need ideas for slime videos! Comment below some ideas & ill credit you in a post if I use ur idea 💡 💡 💡