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Left: August 2016 Right: August 2017 #transformationtuesday I think I was around 50-52kg in the first pictures and now I'm siting in the 55-57 range. (Long post ahead about a few things on my training since the beginning ☺️) . . . I remember I first saw some lat definition after rowing for a year. I had joined the university's rowing club and trained 6x a week, an extremely high volume of training. I mainly trained indoors so I used the ergometers (the rowing machines) and training on the water usually once in the weekend. Anyone of you who's used these machines probably knows that they were created in hell. I have never done anything MORE PAINFUL in my life than a fucking 2k test! If you think your training is hard, I challenge you to do a 2k test 🤢and enjoy the after max-heart rate/anaerobic work sickness and all the accumulated lactic acid 😅 . . The first pictures were taken when I decided to quit rowing. I had already discovered da iron, and had started only squatting in a rack (!! That was a big achievement 😂) for a few months. I started feeling incredible for actually seeing results on my body! It's so funny that with all that rowing all I achieved was some quad and lat definition but I mainly just lost weight 😂 . . Smh I always had a very 'bro' approach on back training. I do lots of rows, lots of cheat reps and I get a lot of volume in. I think I saw the most visible gains when I started deadlifting. It was sometime in early august last year, I think I started off with something like 30kg 😂 then after one rep I was like 'oh this is light' so I put on 50kg and did my first 5x5. I added weight until I went for a 1RM of 90kg in November. Then smh I stopped doing proper deadlifts and only did touch n go light weight. My first real non touch n go reps were in April of this year when I switched to more powerlifting-like training. (I had already started thinking about powerlifting in December but still did stupid training 😭) I had hit a plateau with my back training and barely saw any results for a few months but in April once I started pushing myself to get stronger, I started seeing new gains 😍. So this is a year's progress of not so consistent training.

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We asked our favorite trainers to show us some of the biggest mistakes in form they see and teamed up to bring you #TrainerTipTuesday ! . While we love to workout, we are not trainers, and we know our form isn't always perfect. So this is also super helpful for us! . @_mattconrad_ showed us how to perfect the push-up. Here are a few tips on the set up and the movement. . 1️⃣ ✔️Keep your back flat and lead with your chest. ❌Don't arch your back and lead the push up with your belly, like Joanna. . 2️⃣ ✔️You should touch the floor at the bottom of the push-up. ❌ Don't lay down on the floor, like Joanna. . 3️⃣ Need a modification? Go to your knees and push hips forward so there's a straight line from your knees to shoulders! . Let us know what you think! And what other movements you want us and our trainers to show you! . #classpass #bbg #bbgcommunity #bbgsisters #bbgfam #kaylasarmy #sweatwithkayla #tiuteam #tiuplan #tiubootycall #blogilates #piit28 #healthyme #girlswholift #strongnotskinny #loveyourbody #healthyhabits #healthymind #livehealthy #pushup #tiptuesday #personaltrainers #fitnesstips #fittips #exercisetips #workouttips

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The other day, I had a very difficult conversation with someone I care deeply about. It was one of those uncomfortable, ugly cry kind of conversations that I try to avoid at all costs. In the middle of the anxiety, sweat, and tears, a cardinal landed on the hood of my car. To most, this may not mean anything, but for me, it was a sign. My grandmother LOVED cardinals, and every time I see one I think of her. This particular cardinal not only landed on my hood, but it sat there and stared at me for what felt like an eternity. As the conversation came to a close and I hung up the phone the cardinal flew away, but it left me with a sense of peace that everything was going to be okay. That my grandma, my guardian angel, was with me and that my Heavenly Father is always in control. He has a plan on His timing if I just put my trust in Him. Always.

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Dreams take flight 🌌 Twist 4 💖💙💜

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