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Ideas and Innovation Platforms - Big tech companies and #startups are partnering to market the startup's innovations. Large tech firms get the #innovations and the startups get the #financing and #marketing clout.  #Bigtech firms are creating #ideas #marketplaces / #platforms which startups can use to bring their ideas and innovations and #create products and services required by big tech. To partner with a big tech firm, startups must have proven their worth first. - Microsoft #Accelerator 's Bala Girisaballa says that while big tech firms have good connections with Fortune 500 firms, "A joint bidding for a deal with startups provides the startups invaluable access". He notes that the services component in deals is shrinking, and that makes products and platforms from startups invaluable in the #digital transformation that customers demand. Microsoft has its #cloud platform Azure while IBM has its cognitive platform Watson. "Working with a hundred startups simultaneously means that companies like Microsoft can open up conversations with all customers as the platform will have a solution for most customer problems," Girisaballa says. - Virtually every industry is adopting #digitaltech to improve customer experiences and create new revenue streams. This requires new solutions using #IoT , #analytics and #AI . Big tech, therefore, needs ideas from startups to innovate. #ideaplatform #udeasmarketplace #thoughtoftheday #startupmarketplace #ideafortoday - COMMENT ON THIS AND TAG YOUR FRIENDS Follow @share_idea_india

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Exposure to #sunlight helps in the production of vitamin D that helps maintain #healthy bones and teeth. Research has also shown that getting some #sun in the morning makes it easier for you to fall asleep at night! 🌞💪👌 Are YOU getting enough sun? Comment below and tag a friend who works the graveyard shift! #WelnessWednesday————————————— Get #rewards by downloading the PICA app now!🎁🎁🎁

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