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– i'm jason and i have legitimately no friends

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Seguidoras (ATIVAS) da semana!😍💓 sigam todas elass❤❤ quer sua foto aqui? Curta e comentem, sempre interaja nas fotos!✅ lembrando que todas às sextas feiras às 15:30 têm divulgação das ativas! ✳ativem às notificações!❤

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What's y'all thoughts on this?

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"pretty little tips"

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It's because of you I distance myself from people and ruin my chances. It's because of you that when someone compliments me I don't believe it. It's because of you that it's hard to let another person in. It's because of you that it's hard to trust anyone. You ruined so much for me and it's my fault I held on for so long, it's my fault I stayed through all the fights and the arguing because I thought you'd change. I'm moved on but your words still haunt me. I can't let anyone close to me because I let you to close and you ruined it. You ruined me, it's not your fault though because I let you ruin me. - - - #poetry #mywriting #poems #quotes #writing #likeforlike #like4like #like #spam #spamforspam #piercings #septum #sc #scfilters

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