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11 minutes ago

And I'd get more if I could!! 😂😂. 3 rescue cats and and a rescue dog. Ellie our newest member was found when some scally was trying to set light to her in a box because they thought it would be a laugh. It's amazing to see how she's gone from being so nervous to being so bossy! Definitely a crazy animal lady and they are hard work but wouldn't have it any other way ❤❤❤ xxx #rescuecat #rescuedog #secondchance #catsprotection #dogstrust

50 minutes ago

I don't usually post about my struggles on my social media, but I am today and I will be doing more of it because I want to encourage others. You are not alone!!!Today I will begin Algebra 1 for a second time. I struggle with math and this class is no exception. I worked hard, did tutoring, joined MESA, but still it just wasn't clicking for me. I felt defeated, even thought I should rethink my nursing degree if I can't get through this class. Through many wise friends, teachers, and a school counselor, I made the decision to withdraw from the class with about six weeks left and start fresh this semester. I could see this change in my plan as a set back or I can find the joy in the journey God has sent me on. He's holding me in His hand through this struggle and I will not fall! 💕 #backtoschool #college #mathstruggles #trustinggod #secondchance #encouragement #praying #godsglory

1 hour ago

3rd and 4th grade ❤️

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