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9 minutes ago

En su versión dramática ( ella no se enoja el natural jajaja ) Polochita.

1 hour ago

This Big Boy was Very lucky I had already taken a Beautiful 44" Sable earlier in the hunt at Sandy Mount. It never fails that once you take a fantastic and Very elusive trophy, you just drive up on a "gimme" like This guy. It was a very cold morning, and for some unknown reason he was hanging out in the shade and into the sun Just across a deep gully from where we were driving. All of that must have given him a sense of security, because he stayed for what seemed like an eternity while I took photo after photo. The original is full of glare. Had to work some post production magic to make it look like this, but it was worth it. Without a doubt the Sable is right up there with the Kudu as my favorites on the Dark Continent, and when you consider our group took 44, 44 and 45" Monsters, this Incredible animal is a testament to the game management practices being accomplished by Vella, Rykie and crew on their Amazing property. I Cannot Wait to go back! #africa2017 #tripofalifetime #sandymount #sable #hesabeaut #shaunkeenysafaris #canonphotography #salvaje #gypsysoul

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