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💁The Old Summer Palace, known in Chinese as Yuanming Yuan (圆明园👉"Gardens of Perfect Brightness"), originally called the Imperial Gardens (御园), was a complex of palaces and gardens located in Beijing 🇨🇳❤️🇨🇳. Constructed throughout the 18th and early 19th centuries, the Old Summer Palace was the main imperial residence of Qianlong Emperor of the Qing dynasty and his successors, and where they handled state affairs; the Forbidden City was used for formal ceremonies. Widely conceived as the pinnacle work of Chinese imperial garden and palace design, the Old Summer Palace was an architectural wonder, known for its extensive collection of garden, its building architecture and numerous art and historical treasures. It was reputed as the "Garden of Gardens" in its heyday. In 1860, during the Second Opium War, as the Anglo-French expedition force relentlessly approached Beijing, two British envoys, a journalist for The Times and a small escort of British and Indian troopers were sent to meet Prince Yi under a flag of truce to negotiate a Qing surrender. Meanwhile, the French and British troops reached the palace and conducted extensive looting and destruction. Later on, as news emerged that the negotiation delegation had been imprisoned and tortured, resulting in 20 deaths, the British High Commissioner to China, retaliated by ordering the complete destruction of the palace, which was then carried out by British troops. The gardens, together, covered an area of 3.5 square kilometres (860 acres), almost five times the size of the Forbidden City grounds and eight times the size of the Vatican City. Hundreds of structures, such as halls, pavilions, temples, galleries, gardens, lakes and bridges, stood on the grounds. The most visible architectural remains of the Old Summer Palace can be found in the Western mansions (Xiyang Lou) ⤴️section of 18th century European-style palaces, fountains and formal gardens. There were also a few buildings in Tibetan and Mongol styles, reflecting the diversity of the Qing Empire. #OldSummerPalace #ruins #remains #historic #heritage #architecture #stunning #wonder #ImperialGardens #chinesestyle #instagood #wanderlust #worldplaces #wonderful_places

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Middle ages festival in Füssen. I was there spontaneous for half a day after giving a ride to a family member to an airport 160km away. On the way back the highway was splitting in two: one way talking me back to Stuttgart, the other going further also to Füssen. It was 7 am, I was driving since 4 am and the decision was made easy when I felt my heart squeezing by the thought of going home. I heard about Füssen and what a beautiful old city it is. It was a miraculous day: I visited the city empty at 8 am, the middle ages festival was there, took the gondle🚡 and ended up at 1800m high in the mountains on a gorgeous day, saw two castels and so many lakes...and all because of a one second bravery decision. It could have been just another normal Saturday in Stuttgart... #followyourheart . 📸@smileyioana follow for more travel pictures . . . . #middleages #f üssen #germany #quest #tent #travelblog #explore #taketheride #sayyes #yes #didit #travel #sightseeing #destination #flyingwiththewind #travellove #photography #fortification #ruins #instatravel #photooftheday #summer2017 #castle #dragons #instagram #amateurphotography

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That moment when you ruin the atmosphere at your favorite fancy restaurant with flash photography. Blinded my son, it was worth it. LOOK! BEHOLD! It tastes magical too. #ruins #wearestuffed #letthechefdecide

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