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today; affirmation.

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Currently Reading Back Cover: Is Christmas really the most wonderful time of the year? New Yorkers Robyn Lane and Sidney Bellows aren’t so sure. Robyn has always dated struggling creative types. For once, her parents would love her to bring someone with health insurance and a 401(k) to their Chrismukkah celebration. Her actor boyfriend doesn’t qualify. While across town, Sidney’s professional life already belongs to her parents. She’s an attorney at her father’s law firm and she works tirelessly to keep her love life private. If she brings her lawyer boyfriend to their annual Christmas extravaganza, her parents will have the wedding planned by New Year’s Eve. A mutual friend playfully suggests they trade boyfriends for the holidays. The women share a laugh, but after copious amounts of wine, decide The Boyfriend Swap could be the perfect solution. This way, Robyn can show off her stable attorney boyfriend and Sidney’s high-society family will take no interest in her flakey actor beau. It’s a brilliant plan—in theory. In practice—not so much. When Will turns out to be the boy-next-door Robyn crushed on hard throughout her teenage years, and Sidney’s family fawns all over Perry like he’s an Oscar-winner rather than a D-list wannabe, one thing is certain: The Boyfriend Swap might just change their lives forever. #radreadreviews #relationships #friends #friendship #crazyreality #read #reads #reader #readers #reading #book #books #booklover #booklovers #romance #amazon #amazonbooks #goodread #goodreads #netgalley #author #tea #authorinterview #interview #coffee #meredithschorr #boyfriendswap

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a couple pictures from my birthday back at the beginning of July. A special feature picture of my mom, so lucky we have an amazing support system in our lives. My family is in love with Carly, some days more than I am (haha just kidding). 💖 -Laney

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A much needed invention 😅 night 😴 Follow me, @tranquiltumblr for more Tumblr posts daily!

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What I am saying to you today is what the Word of God has already told us in Rom8:31 “…If God is for us, who can be against us?” You must refuse to fear. You must refuse to let that situation determine if God is for you. The Word of God says in Rom3:30 “Moreover whom He did predestinate, then He also called: and whom He called, them He also justified: and whom He justified, them He also glorified.” Hallelujah. He will make that evil work out for your good. Today, the past life I lived that once seemed horrible is now a major helper in my new life. It helps me want to see nothing else but Jesus. It helps me in every decisions I make as today, no one needs to convince me on how horrible sin is, I know first hand and that’s why I dread it with all of my being. So also, you too could be passing through some turf time, but one thing is certain, no matter what plans the enemy has against the progress of your marriage, business, studies, relationships, career, health, finances e.t.c, always remember this-God is with you and for you. He has already disrupted all the schemes of the evil one against your life before the world was made and made them all to work for your good. All He wants you to do is always trust in Him and remain patient to see His own plans come alive in your life. Hallelujah.. for more check out today's devotional @ https://trueworshipersofgodnation.com/god-is-with-us/ #plans #strategy #schemes #devices #enemy #thwarted #destroyed #God #power #predestined #christlife #spiritual #christianity #kingdom #savedbygrace #situation #consciousness #relationships #marriage #studies #knowledge #business #career #Jesus #JesusOrNothing #holyspirit #holybible #trust #believe #ThankYouLordJesus

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