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@starwars just noticed these cave paintings on the walls of the Jedi temple on Lothal from season 2 of Rebels "Shroud of Darkness" episode. Foreshadowing towards season 4 maybe! #SpaceWolves 🐺🐾 #Rebels #StarWars NerdLove #Familiar

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Possibilities are the seed of joy.⠀ __⠀ Your life is full of unknowns. You could try to plan your life to the “T” but I can promise you it just will not work out that way. There are too many variables to consider, but possibilities are what makes life so great. Possibility is what makes love so exciting. It’s what makes October Baseball one of the greatest things to ever exist. Possibilities are the seed of joy and you should treat those little seeds like any other. You should water them. Nurture them. Not all seeds sprout and not all things that sprout bear fruit or flower, but when they do, aren’t they amazing?⠀ __⠀ I’ve learned so much from the Universe and I’m so lucky to have such a close connection with it all. When I get to camp or hike, I feel like I’m communicating with the Universe on some strange molecular level. It’s telling me what I need to hear not what I want to. We all have things that communicate with us on those weird levels. Like the way music spoke to Bach and The Beatles, or the way basketball spoke to Jordan. It’s up to us to listen to them and let those lessons make us better at being people flying through the darkness of space.⠀ __⠀ To read the full post and meet our rebels, check out www.societyrebel.com. Link in bio! //Cameron Anders // @cam.anders __⠀ societyrebel.com is full of real stories from real people to help you build a better life. Register at http://www.societyrebel.com/register/ to start sharing your story today. ⠀ __⠀ #societyrebel #realpeople #realstories #rebel #buildingabetterlife #rebels #changingthegame #storytelling #lifelessons #lifetips #lifeadvice #beintentional #journey #worldchanger #liveandlearn #beyourself #shareyourstory #keepinitreal #liveoutyourpurpose #betterlife #gettingahead #authenticity #thrive #photooftheday #dailyinspiration #quotableswag #20something #millennials #goals #joy⠀ __⠀ http://www.societyrebel.com/three-things-learned-mother-nature/

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Yes. I work Mondays as well. $25 short Fullset with two nail art. Back to school specials

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