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A couple pictures of a project, before and after! 🔨

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LOWER BODY POWER DEVELOPMENT Workout:PLYOMETRICS ➡TO improve lower body power #PLYOMETRICS can be used in stair workouts. To do this☝you can use single, double & triple hops with either both or one leg at a time,you can use side hops,side to side hops,transverse hops & so on.You can even use #accentric hops. ➡The key to any #plyometrics program is to perform the #jumps with excellent form quickness &explosiveness .Remember you👉are training yourself to exert force as fast as possible & to improve your #power output. Although #plyometrics can & will improve your #conditioning ,it's primary purpose is to improve POWER. A power development WORKOUT can look something like this ⬇ ✔WARM-UP-walk up 20 flights, easy pace for 3-5 minutes or #jumpingrope #jumpingjacks EXERCISE ⬇ ✔Both legs using 1 step:5 -20 Repetitions. REST 1-3 minutes ✔Both legs using 2 steps:5-30 Repetitions.REST 1-3 minutes. ✔Both legs using 3 steps: 3-10 Repetitions. REST 1-3 minutes. ✔Both legs using 4 steps: 1-5 Repetitions. REST 1-3 minutes. ✔Both legs using 5 steps :1-3 Repetitions. REST 1-3 minutes Enjoy the workout 💪 #strength #stamina #endurance #cardio #legday #glutes #hamstrings #thigh #squats #butt #lowerbodyworkout #fitness #quads #gym #goals #groupworkout #personaltrainer #beachbody #beachbodycoach #goals #shreadding #karamayafitnessandhealth #nairobistreetworkouts

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My pooh told me she wants to go on stage 😍😍😍😍 she so cute, she said no high heels 😌so guess it's baby physic 🤗🤗🤗😜👙 (peep her posing😂😂) excuse the hair lol she just got up I had to do it💪🏽🙏🏽💪🏽 always remember, someone is always watching and my queen always there to help me

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I love the days in which are a struggle because it's a reminder that my body and mind are capable af. The untapped strength of human beings interests me more than I can explain. Not enough to do PCP or anything. ** ** ** I was so hungover during these. I kept worrying that everyone around me would smell the tequila radiating off my bod. I went out with son of the family I'm staying with so we did a decent amount of drinking. Losing weight & prioritizing lifting has made such a lil lightweight but WORTH IT. How does everyone else handle drinking & lifting? #friyay #tgif

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