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You DO NOT need no: -fit teas -detox powders -super food -vitamin pills -protein powders -special products from "healthy food section" -energy bars All I want for you is to be inspired to eat more fresh fruits and veggies. It's not about being vegetarian/vegan/raw/whateverrrr, it's just about making slightly better food choices than yesterday. Eat vegan icecream instead of normal icecream. Eat oreos instead of twix. Eat baked potatoes instead of fried potatoes. Eat oatmeal instead of sugary granola. Eat tofu and broccoli stir fry instead of protein powders. Eat a green smoothie instead of a packaged 'detox juice' from the store. Eat an avocado instead of adding oil. Eat a local organic watermelon instead of imported bananas. Health is not achieved by going to the "health stores" but adopting habits of natural hygiene. Step by step. It's okay to eat if you still do your fit teas and whey protein powders, i don't want to shame anyone. Listen to your body, tap into your emotions, feelings. Experiment and find out what feels best for you cause tona of avocados might work for some and not for me, trust your instincts. And consciously make compassionate choices. For you and the world around you. That's how real health and well being is achieved. I'm so curious about your journeys! Where are you currently, what is your perspective on health, what do you aspire to feel like, be like? Share your thoughts with us! It's okay wherever you are! You are loved and accepted! ✨✨✨✨✨ #transformation #process #progress #innerguidance #plantbased #health #naturalhygiene #rawvegan #consciouseating #consciousliving #wellbeing #growth

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I really don't know how I feel about this one 🙄😶

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I say the things I say and repost what I do because I want you guys to stay inspired. There's enough negativity and hate aimed at us... we need to be solution oriented. We're the future, a resilient and positive mindset is what's going to lead us on the path to our own success. And there's so much road ahead! I know large goals and ambitions can get the best of you and cause you to lose patience. Use these people as an example in comparison to you. Everything worth having takes TIME. There are no shortcuts... be patient, play your cards right, stay focused guys. I believe in each and everyone of you. Vid credit to @foundr

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