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1 month ago

We were able to meet some of the RWBY voice cast at Planet Comicon KC. You know how they say not to meet your idols because they'll disappoint you? These lovely ladies were everything we hoped they'd be and more. And yeah, we like a little more than just D&D 😉 Q: How would you go about making a balanced RWBY-esque Homebrew?

1 month ago

LIFE UPDATE because I've been to lazy to post anything for awhile. Well since I posted last I went to Planet Comicon in KC! I graduated high school!! I'm going to Rockfest this weekend!! Another big thing that I'm doing is next week is that I'm going on a trip to New York City with people from my old choir!!! I'll be sure to post pictures later on of these things that are going on. Thanks for reading~~ #lifeupdate #planetcomiconkc #graduation #nomorehighschool #imlazy #rockfest2017 #choirbuds #nyctrip

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