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Day 39 8/17/17: Today started in a thick mist that was chilly but also neat the way it made everything look mystical. It covered the Mike Urich cabin in Government meadows that is open to hikers in the summer. We only stopped there to eat some breakfast. The clouds and mist finally burned off and we ventured through a burn area with views of Mount Rainier and faraway views of the Enchantments. Ended today in the woods by a spring just before Tacoma Pass. #pct2017 #1000milesectionhike #pnw #mountrainier #burnarea #theenchantments #mistymorning #backpacking #forests #hiking #cascadiakr #cascades #washington

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Day 38 8/16/17: Norse Peak Wilderness today but not before some trail magic at Chinook Pass! Lovely woman named Teresa made us sandwiches, gave us fruit and juice and made our morning! Headed up past Sheep Lake and into Norse Peak Wilderness. Crazy view of the wildfire happening a few miles east. So much smoke but feeling lucky the wind is moving it away from us (sorry eastern Washington). #pct2017 #norsepeakwilderness #wildfire #smoky #sheeplake #washington #pacificcresttrail #pnw #cascadiakr #1000milesectionhike #backpacking #optoutside

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This has been quite the month- finishing WA section of the PCT, which means over 500 miles I've walked with 40+ lbs on my back. Visiting friends and new places. And loving every minute. I can honestly say that putting your head to the ground and hiking miles and miles a day is not what this journey is about. I could care less about hiking 40 miles a day with my nose in the dirt, and angry. You end up missing the beauty and experience of meeting some amazing people. And witnessing places like this. I'm hiking my own hike even if it takes me to new trails.

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Day 37 8/15/17: Got a late start but hitched a ride back up to White Pass to get started a little before 11am. Beautiful day heading up out of the Pass, skirting through Mount Rainier National Park and camping near American Lake Junction. Found a spot on the trail where we could watch the sun set behind Rainier. Magnificent! Then we hiked quickly in the chilly dusk to the next water source, found a spot of camp and settled in! Also got a look at the wildfire we would be hiking near tomorrow to the east. #mountrainier #mountrainiernationalpark #pct2017 #pnw #cascadiakr #sunset #mountainsunset #smoke #smokymountains #wildfires

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Only on the trail does everyone order their very own pizza--at the Dinsmores! #pct2017

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Had the pleasure of taking these lovely thru-hikers to the trailhead from Ashland. Officially being a Trail Angel is a lovely experience! #trailangel #PCT2017

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