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CrossFit Pre Teens WOD (9-13 years old) WARM UP 5 Super Slow Push Ups---> Lunge Walk 30' 5 Dumbbell Push Press---> Bear Crawl 30' 5 Tuck Jumps ---> Spider Man Stretch 30' 5 Squats---> Inch Worm 30' SKILL: Hang Power Snatch WOD As Many Rounds as Possible in 9 Minutes of: 7 Hang Power Snatch 5 Box Jumps 3 Push Ups CHALLENGE Row vs Handstand 📷 courtesy of @charlottefoerschlerphoto @crossfit @crossfittraining @crossfitaffiliates . 📷 by @crossfitkids . *DM us to be featured 😘 Tag your friends! 📍 .

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Gentle parenting technique. Parenting without rewards and punishment, in the hope the child will do whats right. @Regrann from @fitmomma4two - Raising a child who wants to behave. ❤️ I accomplished what I previously thought was an impossible task this weekend; I successfully went grocery shopping with all 3 kids by myself! 🍉🍌🌱 and it was a proud momma moment to receive several compliments on how well behaved my kids were ☺️ My kids are NOT by any means perfectly behaved 24/7. However, Paul and I have chosen a gentle parenting style and in moments like this we witness the payoff. 👫 We try to parent without rewards or punishments in hopes our children will do the right thing because they want to. We try to coach our children verse control them. Coaching, not controlling, requires us to consider carefully how we guide, or discipline, our child. If your most important goal is obedience, then using fear and force will accomplish that. However, if you want to raise a child who does the right thing whether you're there or not try to forego punishment and use loving guidance so your child wants to meet your expectations and become self-disciplined. ❤️ Loving guidance tends to be more work than punishment (especially when you are tired and already pushed to the limit 💆🏻) but in the long-term it's more effective and rewarding. Children need love when they least deserve it. We may be annoyed by his behavior, but empathy helps us see beyond our annoyance to understand why our child is acting this way. 📚 much of this post is from the book 'Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: how to stop yelling and start connecting' by Dr. Laura Markham. 🍎 we were grocery shopping for the 5 Day Vegan Challenge that started today!! You can still hop on this vegan train 🚂FREE grocery list, meal plan, recipes and plant-based nutrition. Over 1200 people are on board! You can sign up via the link in my profile. #peacefulparenting #gentleparenting #positiveparenting #parent #momof3 #momofthree #momlife #veganfamily #plantlife - #regrann

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🔺There's nothing little about the light you shine 🔺

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all 3 of my kids are at the top of their growth charts...

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I was gonna say that the "work" I do is not for everyone, but actually, it is! Anyone can do it.🙌 . I have all the training and support you need. You can work as little or as much as you like. I did it!😍 - I work from home / anywhere. - I create my own schedule every day. - I don't miss out on those special moments with my children. - I had a realistic income goal & I smashed it. You can too! I'm sharing how I have done this, so I'm looking for 3 people who want some extra income, or want to leave their 9-5 and start a job that they love! DM or Comment "me" for info.

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