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"Pride" -- Trump's Seven Deadly Sins, #7 18 x 24, oil on canvas

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I used to self harm because of depression. I am still on the road to recovery. Sometimes I still get the urge to cut; either because I’m sad/mad or just because I was so addicted to it that I got a high from it and I still crave that sensation. I would love to say that I know for sure that I will never hurt myself again, but I honestly can’t. Self-harm is unpredictable and really difficult to deal with, but it’s not impossible. I’ve had a few relapses in the past few months, but I’ve learned that that is part of recovery. You have a few bumps in the road, but you just have to keep going and eventually, you’ll be okay. With the support of someone who loves me and the fact that I am learning to love myself, I think I can go on without hurting myself. My parents helped me realize that I’m a person who deserves love and happiness, but like I said, you don’t need a significant other to realize that. You just need to figure it out on your own. If I can get through this, I know that you can too. Don’t give up, you’ll make it through, I promise. Stay strong, beautiful. Know that, no matter what, you deserve to be happy. #behappy #beyourself #depression #betterwayoflife #tbt #honolulu #ocean #view

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