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Need a boost? Or always getting stuck when it comes to quick,healthy breakfast options on your busy mornings? Why not grab a 30day trial pack...two yummy flavours to choose from..dutch chocolate or french vanilla 😋 Packed with so many superfoods and they're 100% vegan and organic - no toxins, herbicides or pesticides and non GMO!! . . Safe for everyone to enjoy - kids, parents, pregnant and breastfeeding mums too!! 🙌 Let me know in the comments which flavour you'd like and I'll pm you with the one off price 😊

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✨✨ What makes volume lashes different from classic eyelash extensions? There are two different characteristics clients desire in their eyelashes: length and fullness. 🙌🏼 While classic eyelash extensions add moderate to extreme length to your natural lashes, volume lashes are used to improve their texture, depth, and ampleness. Many clients are happy with the natural length of their eyelashes but desire a fuller look, as their lashes are fine or scarce. Volume lash extensions were designed to fill in the gaps where classic eyelash extensions could not. This technique allows artists to apply multiple extensions to one individual eyelash. Each extension is extremely light and thin compared to the previous thicker options, creating a fluffy and soft appearance that is not heavy or damaging to the natural eyelash. Due to their lightweight nature, volume lashes allow for more customization than classic eyelash extensions. They are also darker than the eyelashes in classic sets, adding a striking richness to your overall look. 💜Elisabeth | Platinum Beauty

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Euan is at ichijihoiku (part time daycare) today. They called us three times in the last couple of days to say there'd been a noro outbreak, they might not be able to accept any children today. There were also worried cause he'd had an infection not long ago. 😷🤒🤧Anyway, I had a long list of things planned for today and they rang to say they would take him. 💧💧💧So I've put Thieves on his feet to help boost his immune system and fingers crossed he doesn't go down with anything! (That's his butt in the photo by the way, I asked him to put his feet so they'd be in the photo. This was his response.)🍀🍀🍀One of the reasons I gave up teaching was that Euan kept getting sick and I would have to miss classes. Every time I missed a class I had to make it up on a Saturday which nobody was happy about! So I'm so happy to have found a job I can do from home. And I'm learning more everyday about how Essential Oils can promote family wellness. It's going to be my first fall/winter using Thieves to help keep us all as cold free as possible. I have heard so many great stories and I'm excited to try it out. I'll let you know next spring how it goes! #mumlife

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It's official!!!! We are now offering Aftepay at checkout. Buy Now, 💰 pay later . Because we needed another reason to shop more 😂 #afterpay #afterpayau

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"You are running your business and you need run your body like a business as well" join myself and guest Nikki Fodgen Moore on this weeks podcast as we talk about health and looking after yourself @nfodgenmoore link in bio

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It's #teapottuesday ! What are your plans for today? I'm writing a couple of blog posts for clients and making grand plans for a new retained client who starts with me in September. I've then got a pile of laundry to do! 🤘 📷 @renee_lopresti

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Getting my life organised and back on track!! I have let things slide but it's time I get back on track! What kind of planner do you use to organise yourself? Do you prefer electronic or paper? You can download our mindfulness planner from www.embracedmummas.com 😘

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The world will be saved by the western woman. #dalailama Facilitating women's wellness retreats I know collectively we are making a difference. 👭🕉🙏📿 #womenempowerment ✨💕✨

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Stay awesome guys! Jgn jeles jeles hehe.

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NOTES 📝 | Are you a note maker? Personally I should go to some kind of note maker support group! Note Makers Anonymous. I love a note, always have. I'm a list maker, a love note leaver, a doodle drawer 👀 Hang on, I meant little sketches! Note Books are also soo handy while you're pregnant when the beginnings of Baby Brain start to kick in, great for writing down what you need for you and your babe, and to-do lists for your resident handyperson to satisfy allll your nesting requirements. And great for keeping by the couch or Nursing Chair for when you need to get things written down but can't actually move anywhere. SHOP our gorgeous Rhicreative Collection - and take a look at our 2018 Diary and Calendar while you're there 😍 Soo food and a sell out every year! Don't miss out. FREE SHIPPING over $100 ✨ #babybrain #doodles #mumlife

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