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20 minutes ago

I had a great conversation with my mom and sissy today. Sometimes it's important to have an eye opening conversation; not necessarily a negative one. I'm 24. I'm going to make mistakes. I'm going to learn. I'm going to grow. I'm in a mission to become my best self & I needed an outward reflection to help my inner reflection. Part of this journey is learning to grow from mistakes instead of being hyper critical. I will always be my toughest critic but I'm learning how to be less harsh on myself 😊 one day at a time 💪 #selflove #mybestself #movingforward #wellness #onedayatatime #goingforward #icandothis #mh #mentalhealthmatters #healthierme #healthylifestyle #mindbodyandsoul #heath #ww

22 minutes ago

#Repost @smashingillusions2 (@get_repost) ・・・ A new day approaches and much has been accomplished! Negative people, negative thoughts, negative "fans" have been pushed to the side! A new era will begin for @enriqueiglesias bringing him the love that he has waited for so long. The time is coming where he will be the man he is meant to be, fulfilled and whole!! 💪🏽 All of this will be done with God's mercy and blessings!! The process has been a long and tough journey and only a few have seen the truth behind this movement....MOVING FORWARD with hope and determination for Enrique's Freedom has and ALWAYS will be the goal! We walk with you Enrique and will always support your happiness! Keep moving and fighting for your happiness! Your strength has given US strength...May God continue to hold you and guide your every step.... #freeenrique #enriquefree #ibelieveinenriquesherowoman #wecanfeelyourloveenrique #steps #love #movingforward

23 minutes ago

I have mad love for @zippyshell. They are seriously amazing. I posted all about it. If you have a move, they will make it pleasurable - and that isn't easy. They are way better than other portable storage. Find out why at the #linkinbio ! #ad

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