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Stiles edit, hope you enjoy!!💜💜

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🚨 🎥 🚨 On July 1st, Highline Ballroom was invaded by nothing but realness...something these Manhattan nightclubs are not quite accustomed to 🙄 BUT WE BROUGHT THE REALNESS TO NYC & BEYOND!!! THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT HAS SUPPORTED ME FROM DAY 1 OR FROM DAY 3,227 (almost 9 years since I first started spinning 💪🏼) 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Special thank you's to @imarkkeyz for the heavy support 🙏🏼@lonobristol for coming out to bring his sound to the club 🔊@si.clothing for the most fire shirt I own 👁 @dj4b for remixing Club Action by Yo Majesty & @smookieillson (shoutout Jersey club) 👏🏼 @highlineballroom for having us 🍾@thejasonexperience for making shit like this possible 😜 @djelev8 for being a dope DJ 🎶 @martyrockk for making me look bad when he went in to close the room 🙈 @jesus for being the first DJ 👽& everyone else that has been a part of this amazing journey into God knows what 😉Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 🔥 #CharlieChill #NYC #invasion #HighlineBallroom #lit 🔥 #wild #firstmovie 🎥 #moretocome #staytuned #staywoke #lovelife

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