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4 hours ago

Detail of an #icecreamtruck l painted in 2015 for the Pan Am Games in #Toronto 🍉 It gave out free ice cream throughout the summers' events now it just rolls around charging children money #whataracket #P

9 hours ago

Recently finished the biggest and most colorful canvas I've ever worked on. "What we are. The concept itself is our enemy. To see beauty is simply to learn the private language of meaning which is another's life- to recognize and relish what IS. Why languish in the shadow of a standard we cannot personify, an ideal we cannot live? It is only now that I can recognize your beauty and deny no part of my own." -cut up pieces of an old crimethink poster I used to convey the point. Hand-prints bottom right for scale. #rad #mixedmedia #painting #art #myart #acrylicpainting #montanapaint

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