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10 minutes ago

I am the luckiest person in the world. The kiddos surprised me this morning with breakfast in bed! Cereal, bread (un-toasted lol) a cheese stick, and coffee that I'm pretty sure was left over from the previous morning. . . Not only did this make MY day, but they were so proud of themselves. Talk about making someone's heart melt. What's the sweetest thing your little has said or done for you? #momlife #sundayvibes

18 minutes ago

Post a part of your morning routine that will help your vision come true #day 3 #GreatnessChallenge @lewishowes (*First picture is a year old but still pretty accurate) So this one is interesting.. I'd have to say in a perfect make believe world I'd be up before my son and have this beautiful quiet time to start my day properly.. •I'd meditate and pray •I'd focus on my gratitudes and plan my priorities for the day •I'd go for a run or do some yoga •I'd make a coffee and some yummy green juice What I've learned is that these days if I'm up he's up no ore then 5-10 mins later.. My mornings are usually non stop from waking to bedtime and full of surprises. I say a quick prayer for our day and start the coffee and food. There's usually at least one dance party in the kitchen .. and lots of laughs.. sometimes tears- So doing my recharge is more realistic the night before setting me up for good sleep and a great next day. And also I wouldn't trade these mornings for anything- he's my fuel and fire to be my best version of myself. I know one day he won't want the morning cuddle and I'll have plenty of time in the am to myself (probably having to wake him up)- for now I adjust the routine ❤️ #momlifeisthebestlife

34 minutes ago

Some days you may have to dig a little deeper but they're there. 💕 #mindset

41 minutes ago

Best sunset ever! 🙌🏻

44 minutes ago

Although he walks everywhere constantly, the moment we are in a public place, this kid wants to crawl on the groud 🙄🙄 Visiting the art gallery was a great hit again, V especially enjoyed the crafting room this time around! . . . . . . . . #exploring #explore #mycapturedlife #mommabehindthelens #runwildmychild #lethemplay #letthembelittle #letthekids #ourcandidlife #littlepiecesofchildhood #heaventhroughmylens #myhonestmotherhood #honestmotherhood #simplyliving #honestliving #momlifeisthebestlife #gpab #alberta #watchthemgrow #toddlersofinstagram #babiesofig

48 minutes ago

Peru has the best souvenirs. Some make me laugh, some make me smile, and some make me think "what the?" But I can't wait to give these little guys to Harper and Elle!

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