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2 hours ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my miracle babies who are FOUR today! "Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance..." Isaiah 61:7 ✨ Check out my blog for their year in pictures and I've linked past birthday posts too. 4 years ago my boys came into the world as 34 week preemies. They had a really rough first few months! But they've thrived since and have enjoyed amazing health and blessings! They are my JOY! 🎉🎉🎉

4 hours ago

Rise & Grind 💪 "Don’t let the move finish you… YOU finish the MOVE" - Chris Downing That was my motivation for today 😍 How is everybody feeling??? My neck is still pretty sore regardless of yesterday's massage and chiro 😢 but still managed to get my workout with modifications in ❤️💪 Turns out my Satuday sleep coma (thanks to my kids sleeping through the ENTIRE night haha) moved a vertabre 😱 which is why I'm so sore. She placed it back but said it will take a few days for the pain to dissipate. Oh well!!! I felt it most doing the bear crawl and planks but reajusted my modification to make it work thx to the trainers' tips 😜 I love that. A trainer straight from my home solarium gym what whaaaaat!!! Have an amazing day. And don't forget to PRESS PLAY. You may not always feel like it... but just start and you WON't Regret it ❤️ If you need help GETTING started, you know who to message 😜 my next test group starts August 7th. #11weekspregnant #homefitness #transformation #health #fitness #Vibrams #earlymornings #earlyriser #miraclemorning #miraclebabies

18 hours ago

Today I am being featured as a guest blogger on an amazing Instagram and blog called What the Fertility. It is an honor to be asked to share a sliver of our story with such a strong and supportive community. If you are struggling with infertility, pregnancy loss or simply need to be reminded how strong each of you truly is; than this is a community that you need to be involved in. This group helped encourage me to continue into our 7th round of IUI after losing a pregnancy. It's the Fertility Warriors and WTF that inspired me to blog about our struggles. Together we can and will find happiness in this life. Head over to @whatthefertility link is in their bio!

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21 hours ago

I want to send a big thank you to everyone for all of the kind words and encouragement about our blog announcement yesterday! We are so excited to share more of our lives with you all. Get ready for the crazy, the hilarious, and the unfiltered. Feeling so full today from all of the love that was shown. This little peanut is getting all the snuggles because I'm pretty sure a tooth should be popping up any day now. Do you ever feel like us Mammas earn their kids chompers as well? I remember James-Thomas got a tooth a month while Abe was deployed and for sure felt so proud of those pearly whites. So as I soak up every minute of the snuggles, know that I am so thankful for each of you!!! & if you missed it yesterday, make sure you are following AmbersJoy923 on Instagram for more updates:)). . . . . . . . . . . . . #preemie #preemiemom #preemiebaby #preemiestrong #marchofdimes #mysixmonthold #militarykids #growingupmilitary #teethingtales #teethingbaby #weneedalltheicecream #snugglesandimnotcomplaining #welcometothewathens #miraclebabies #momandbaby #myboy #outnumberedbyboys #boymom #nursingmamma #nursingthroughteething #wegotthis

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