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Here's some not so rare footage of @sheilacarlito talking trash in the studio. My brothers released a bunch of new great music go check him out! New music coming soon from yours truly as well ;)

2 hours ago

Jeans details! ________________ @zara

2 hours ago

Bloody shoes.

3 hours ago

Remember when it wasn't as hot as the desert 🌵 outside? Nah me either 🔥🤷🏾‍♂️🤞🏽

4 hours ago

AG Blazer 😎 be creative.

5 hours ago

New color! Orange and gray Samson Necklace by DLD 4 Men!

6 hours ago

this heat is something serious... 🔥 leveling up my summer grooming routine with @lamer's moisturizing matte lotion. ✨🤙🏽✨ #meetyourmatte

9 hours ago

This journey from Washington DC to New York has not been smooth sailing but it has been worth EVERY high and low. My time at SAKS Fifth Avenue flagship afforded me amazing opportunities and I met some incredible people. But everything has its season and my season there was complete. After aggressively looking for new work and seeking God for my next move I was offered an amazing position with this iconic brand we all know. I've been holding this exciting news for awhile now until everything was finalized. This is our first US store! I can assure you Virgil and the whole team at OFF WHITE are super excited to bring something iconic to the US, in New York, in SOHO. All in all, I hope this inspires someone to NEVER give up NO MATTER WHAT! Have an amazing weekend, and I'll see you guys in SOHO!

10 hours ago

All white everything 💭Santorini olyan mint egy meseország , minden fehér és káprázatos így ehhez a látványhoz én is fehér szettet választottam a @FashionDays kínálatából. A fehér Esprit ing, Ray-Ban napszemüveg és egy fehér Levi's sapka a legjobb városnéző szett. Ezen a linken találtok szuper nyári szetteket még ➡️ http://bit.ly/2sUiSD1 ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️ #across_greece #thesoulofgreece #street_in_greece #great_street_photos #greecetravelgr1_ #greecevacation #topgreecephoto #heavenly_shotz #super_greece_channel #hdr_addiction #discover_greece #stunning_greece #reasonstovisitgreece #colorsofgreece #guyswithstyle #guysfashion #ootdmen #modamasculina #menstyleofficial #menwithclass #mensfashionreview #mensstyle #stylishman #styleblogger #stylishmen #mensfashionblog #menswearblogger #mensfashionblogger #santorinigreece #santorini_lover

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Some people out there will eternally be stupid...✖

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