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6 minutes ago

Being vulnerable is hard. And it's what I ask of every guy that steps in front of my camera. I've been having some really terrible body image issues lately and realized recently that avoiding those insecurities is hypocritical. How can expect guys to be vulnerable with me and trust me with their bodies if I can't get past my own insecurities? How can I say that I believe every man is beautiful and worthy of belonging if I don't believe it about myself? Today I did a whole session of nude self portraits. It was cathartic, and even though I was dreading what they would look like as I uploaded them to my computer, I ended up loving them. And for me, it's a positive step in the direction toward loving myself.

1 hour ago

Isn't my smile beautiful? 😁 This week's #wcw is my stunning fish sister, @lagoonabloonyc! Here we are happily pictured last Saturday after our wonderfully successful monthly drag brunch at @thehoneywellnyc, "WELL, HONEY!" • email thehoneywellnyc@gmail.com to reserve your seat for our NEXT brunch on Sept. 23rd! 🍯💛🐠🦐

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