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SO SUMMER '17 🥀🌾💥

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LIVE•LIFT•LOVE: What a week it has been! Countless meals out, a few beverages and snack-filled movie nights... I won't lie, initially I had been beating myself up about this. I've been training so consistently and eating right and the shift in nutrition and lifestyle for a few days was mentally unsettling- was I undoing all my weeks of hard graft?! The answer was quite simply: NO. ✅I was allowing myself important down time with my wonderful fitness family @wanderer_of_wilderness @lauren_sutton86 @mikeydinho : Glow-in-the-dark-dinosaur-themes crazy golf, burgers and milkshakes! ✅I was spending time with my glorious grandparents eating a Sunday Carvery! ✅I was snuggled up under the stars with my best girls nibbling treats whilst feeling nostalgic watching Cruel Intentions at Somerset House! But the final tick? ✅I was loving life with all the people that matter and that's what matters. It's given me a real chance to reset and get myself geared up for MESO 2. The slight increase in carbs over the last few days has only fuelled my workouts further. Hello to my #miniabs that are coming along slowly but surely 😂🙈. Just because I've been going out lots doesn't mean training has taken a backseat- it's all about balance and you CAN have it all if you want it bad enough. Back on plan nutrition wise now and James and I tucked into some herby crusted cod on a bed of coconut kale severed with parsley new potatoes and broccoli 👌🏻 #allthegreens #healthyfats #vitamins #nutrients #micros #carbsarenottheenemy #leanprotein #omegas . If you want to see results, #consistencyiskey . Make a plan, set goals, track your progress and STICK TO IT. There will be days (many, back-to-back in my case 😂) where you stray from plan but don't let that diminish your target- just adapt your plan accordingly and get it done. I love my life and the people in it and ultimately that's what it's all about. #lifeisforliving so LIVE it, LIFT some heavy shit and LOVE the world around you, the people in it and things you are doing. #thosethatmatter #besties #fitfam #theloveofmylife

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Muitas foram as vezes que ao longo do vida nos tentaram bloquear a liberdade, a rebeldia de pensar diferente, de acreditar mais, de fazer algo com coração, com paixão, com valores intrinsecos, com visão, com mais amor! 🙌❤ Muitas foram vezes, e muitas vezes o conseguiram! Por medos e receios de não sermos parte de um "grupo", por bloqueios de sentirmos que estaríamos a sair do "status quo", por crenças de que a vida tinha sido desenhada para fazermos o que queriam que fizéssemos e não o que sentiamos que queríamos fazer! 😉😎 A parte mais bela de tudo, é que o processo é completo, o processo é perfeito, o processo é experiencial. Apenas podemos valorizar o bem, conhecendo o mal, apenas podemos desejar liberdade, vivendo em escravidão e controlo, apenas podemos querer o melhor, se conhecermos o pior! ✌👊 Vê a vida como a experiencia para o teu ser! O propósito é experienciarmos, o propósito é vivermos alinhados com o que desejamos sentir e viver, o propósito é vivermos na base do amor e nunca no medo, o propósito é sermos tudo o que queremos ser e não o que queremos que sejamos! O propósito é criarmos e não aprendermos! 🤓💎 Apenas assim poderemos dar ao Mundo o melhor de nós, porque o melhor de nós é a nossa melhor versão, o melhor de nós fala sem medos, o melhor de nós decide sem receio, o melhor de nós desafia a evolução! ✌👊 Cria, apaixona-te pela vida, sente, vive, ri, fazendo o que mais desejas fazer no mais profundo do teu coração, e aí conseguirás perceber que a felicidade existe, mas "lembra-te que apenas encontrarás a felicidade para ti quando potenciares e ajudares outros a encontrá-la!" - Napoleon Hill ❤🙌 Loving LIFE! 👊🙏😁💎🇵🇹 #JovensSemChefes #Liberdade #Teamway #PotenciandoSonhadores #ImpactandoEmpreendedores #EntrepreneurLifesyle #EntrepreneurPassions #CrescimentoPessoal #PersonalGrowth #NoExcuses #BeYourBestVersion #ConstroiAVidaQueDesejasViver #BuildTheLifeYouWantToLive #Empreender #Empreendedorismo #Entrepreneur #Entrepreneurship #Lideran ça #Leadership #Lifestyle #LovingLife #Quotes #QuoteOfTheDay #Speaker #GoForIT #SteveJobs #Apple

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Fuerteventura Snapshots~ "Freedom lies in being bold." -Robert Frost . Last dip before heading back to Edinburgh... Can't think of a more wonderful place to host a sacred space retreat this September and January than this place, have had 4 days of sun sand saltwater and smiles exploring and researching for you!! 🏝☀️🌊😎🥑🏄🏻‍♀️👣👙🐠🍅🤸🏻‍♀️🌋❤️ . #canaryislands #fuerteventura #gratefulyogi #wordstoliveby #lovinglife #sunkissed #vitaminsea #instatravel #yogateacher #yogilifestyle #yogisofinstagram #imamermaid #islandlife #yogatravel #yogini #travelingyogi #travelingram #seekadventure #liveauthentic #livesimply #travelling #travel #travelphotography #yogaretreat

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