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Put an egg on it & call it brunch 🍳 #OnTheMenu 🍴Chicken & Waffles and Breakfast Poutine

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Thinking a lot about choices. What kind of choices? All of them. The choice to text that person back, to move out, to go to that school, to go to the gym or not. // Being an adult means facing dozens of choices every day. And I'm figuring out that sometimes you have to pick the choice that has the most risk in order for you to feel the most alive. Sometimes the riskiest choice is also the one that brings the most joy and electricity to your life. // I think I'm facing some big choices right now. New opportunities and scary ones, too. // at the end of the day I'm grateful for my friends and family that support me and love me and make all choices less scary and much easier.

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Life comes atcha kids, don't forget to capture the beautiful moments🌙

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This summer allowed me to bear witness to her most raw + real emotions. We're on day five of a new remedy to help her with the battle of #SensoryProcessingDisorder And again we're seeing new sides of her 💓 like this: . (Mama puts Wild's hair in pony tail) . Wild: Mama, what do I look like now? Are my eyes blue or pink?? . (Mama melts) . They're worth every hardest day ever, my friends. Every single one. xox #RawMotherhood

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Rain keeping you up late? How about something to cool your thunderstorm nerves. . #Repost @cocktail_acdmy . COLD COMFORT ¾ oz Rye whiskey ¼ oz Cynar 70 1 oz. Pistachio orgeat ¾ oz Fresh lemon juice Tools: Shaker, strainer Glass: Rocks Garnish: Pistachios Combine all the ingredients. Strain into a rocks glass over a large ice cube. Garnish. @cocktailclubchs 📸 @_cebulka_

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"The tears that I have shed by day give relief and wash away the memory of the night before. I wonder if I'll suffer more."

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Mediocre astronomical photography

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Here come the Dog Days.

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the stars, the moon, they have all been blown out

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