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1 hour ago

Such a bummer going from Party Alex to Grinding Alex 😩😅 Take me back to NOLA with all these amazing peeps!! About to get my workout on and realized how thankful I am for the opportunity to travel for an amazinggg company that makes fun the numba one priority, but still knows how to get to business and show us how to kill the entrepreneur game by changing lives 🙌🏾🎉 My challengers are all pumped up for this new group starting and I'm right along with them like 😆😆😆 Time to crush our August goals and #MakeTheShift with our boy @chrisdowningfitness !!

2 hours ago

I’ve never met a man who says he enjoys hearing “we need to talk” from his woman. - Bruce Bryans SK: I'm devouring this author's books! This made me LOL... because in my past relationships... I didn't even give a warning... or I just ignored the hell out of you. Ok, I've grown up quite a bit. I need to practice my new sets of skills. Where's my hottie? Babe!😘 #weneedtotalk #strikeapose #fitness #divamode #ohno #shitsabouttogetreal #makelovenotwarstateofmind #highvaluewoman #iknowmyworth #neversettleforless #highvalueman #myhottie #makemesparkle #illdothesameforyou #romance #loveisintheair #iwantyou #chaseme #illletyou #heartpumpingshitrighthere #manitouincline #legsfordays 7,200+ #steepsteps #sunrise #sunset #joyfulliving #lighttheworld #lovelivelaugh #relationshipgoals #letsgo‼ ️❤️

5 hours ago

》》 “When you run from me, do you forget the Earth is round?” . her heart is fueled by a fire that once was lit by life itself her breath is long and stronger than your fears she does not chase you down, but up and onward until you do not have enough air left to lift even a single foot  then, she hunts you further her fire licking at your heels like you possess the kindle wood she needs to light the world you feel your shoulders start to blister as if the sun is playing tag and a rising understanding finds you, marks you when wings like blades burn through them lungs empty heart full finally, you fall you meet her right at the center of wherefrom you thought you were running yellow eyes lock yellow eyes as she draws near her swaying shoulder blades reminding you of… before you are able to catch it the thought flutters away then the wetness of her nose touches your forehead and you cannot help but think: the wild scent of her damping coat smells an awful lot like home and as she draws her claws into your chest a firestorm surges through your heart then, as your eyes grow full and wide you come alive #bekindlewood #comealive #lighttheworld

8 hours ago

What are the pillars of your faith? (Not the pillars of your doctrine or theology, but the very fibers and strands of your confidence in God, Jesus, the Holy Ghost, and Their restored doctrine!) What soul-deep memories anchor you to God? Are they written down? Do you ponder them frequently to find deeper meaning?

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