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3 minutes ago

How do we still have these?! 😍 To claim, comment "sold" and the letter! ❤️

21 minutes ago

I seriously can't thank you all enough for all the likes, comments, and love on my posts lately. . Knowing I have that accountability with you all makes me push just a little bit harder, give just a little bit more. And hell, even convinces me to give myself the tough love I need when there's 15 seconds left in an exercise and I have to give it all that I've got. . You all provide that for me whether you even realize it or not, so thank you!!!! And on a NSV note...push-ups FINALLY feel painless again! I know I could position my elbows to be pushed back more but man, it feels good to have finally healed a chest/back muscle imbalance!! 👍🏻👌🏻👊🏼

25 minutes ago

Fall is coming and I couldn't be more excited!! New inventory coming at 3pm EST today. www.lovemyabbyandanna.com

26 minutes ago

New items coming in today at 3pm EST. www.lovemyabbyandanna.com

30 minutes ago

This cardi though 😍💜 Paired with a Relaxed Ruffle Tee 😘 Both are in my shop 🛍 (click the link in my bio)

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